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Place: As there are many McDonalds in the UK, there is at least 1 or more located on High Streets or town centres. This is because it is accessible to many people and that the chances of gaining more profit will be higher if the store is around a high number of people. It would be no good for business if there was a McDonalds in the middle of an area where there were less people. For example, you would not find a McDonalds that is located in the countryside as it would be ideal to run a business at that location.

Promotion: McDonalds promote their McFlurry products on a very day to day basis. As McDonalds are a multi national organisation, they can easily afford to advertise through television media such as T. V adverts on an all-day basis, through many well known website such as Google and MSN and on buses. McDonalds use promotion as a way to get the product across to many consumers, mainly being the younger generation so therefore, their products are on bus tickets and on billboards. Physical evidence: the product itself is given in a plastic cup which is very stylish and unique in its own way.

The product has its name on the packaging, along with the flavour they had along with the organisation name as well, the purpose being that the product can be recognised by other people. Also the colours they have sued are very eye-catching and it attracts customers to purchase their product, even if it has a strong brand name alone. Also the product comes with a little toy which also attracts the target audience at a high number. People: McFlurry is mainly targeting the younger generation rather than the older generation as it has a children’s theme that is specifically for them.

However, as it is a well know product, the older generation have also purchased the product for themselves. Buyer The Buyer is the person that is actually purchasing the product. The buyer is going to be influenced by the price as if the buyer belives that tyhey are charging to much for McFlurry, they would either not buy the product or maybe buy an alternative product. The buyer themselves would be adults as the McFlurry is a younger generation product but is more likely to be bought by an older person.

The buyer will also be influenced by the product as if they belive that the products is going to be bad for their child, they will not buy it or if the product is not to the standard that they expected. Buyer will be influenced by place as if the store is close by, they wil be more willing to make the trip down to the store and buy products there. Howver if the location is abit further out and McDonalds not doing delivery services, the buyer will unlikely be going out their way to go McDonalds. Gatekeeper The Gatekeeper is the person that is not involved in the final decision but can influence the buyer to purchase.

They can control the access and the flow of information to others but do not purchase themselves. The gatekeeper for the McFlurry will have to be children. As they do not purchase the product directly themselves, they influence other people such as their mom and dad to purchase the product for them. They are also influenced by the product as children will see a product and if they like it, they would persuade their parents to purchase it. User The user is the end user of the product who generally initiates the request. However, for this particular product, the product that is requested is not usually for the person that initiates the request.

The user for the McFlurry will be young children but they do not actually purchase the products for themselves. An older person like a parent or a guardian buys the product and passes it on to the child. The user is also influenced by promotion as they are more aware of the product. McDonalds do this by advertising on TV adverts in the evening time when kids are more likely to catch the advertisement. They know that if they are able to persuade children by using TV adverts, they are more likely to inform their elders about the product and make them purchase it for them. Influencer

The influencer is the person that influences the decisions of the buyer or the decision maker. They are influenced by promotion for this product via promotion. This is because the person that sees the promotion adverts which McDonalds use to help promote this particular product would want to buy the product or try it out because of how it is promoted. The McFlurry use many methods of promotion through TV adverts, internet and on bus tickets to help maximise their customer awareness about the product. The influencer for this product will have to be young children, as they do not buy the product themselves directly.

Decision maker The decision maker is the person that has complete control of the purchase and has formal and informal power to select suppliers and approve purchase. The decision maker for my chosen product is the person that buys the product, which will be someone that is either buying for someone that is younger (most of the time) or someone who purchases the product themselves. The decision maker for this product is an older generation person that is buying the product on behalf of someone else on common occasions. Augmented product The augmented product is the non-physical part of the product.

It usually consists of lots of added value, for which you may or may not pay a premium. For example, when you purchase a brand new T. V, you are not just offered the TV on its own but along with warranty and guarantee of the product if something was faulty or if something was to go wrong. This is the augmented product. Although McDonalds is a fast food restaurant, it is very unlikely that they have augmented products apart from customer services. As McDonalds take a great pride in their customer service department as they would want to be kept informed what their customers feel about their products and services that they offer.


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