To Kill a Mockingbird

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Mr. Tate said that on the night of November 21st Bob Ewell brought him to the Ewell house, where he found Mr. Ewell’s daughter, who had been badly beaten. When Mr. Tate asked her who did it, she said Tom Robinson, and when he asked her if Robinson had raped her, she said yes. However he did not call the doctor to check the injuries. When Atticus asked which Mayella’s eye was the black eye, he confirmed the girl’s own right eye was injured.

Mr. Bob Ewell Mr. Bob Ewell said he came home and heard Mayella screaming inside the house, he was Tom Robinson raping her/ He ran to get into the house, but the man ran out before he could catch him, so he ran for Mr. Tate. When Atticus has Ewell write his name, it was found that Ewell was left handed. Mayella Ewell Mayella was on the porch when Tom Robinson came by, she asked him to chop up an old piece of furniture for kindling, and when she went inside to get a nickel to pay him he attacked her from behind, and she screamed and fought back.

She couldn’t really remember what happened next, but her father and Mr. Tate were there. Atticus asked Mayella whether her father had beaten her and she hesitated that he’s never touched her. Atticus asked her whether Tom Robinson hit her face, she denied, and then admitted, and then said she couldn’t remember. Tom Robinson Tom Robinson did go inside the Ewell yard to chop up a piece of furniture, but that was last spring, not in November like Mayella said.

Tom said that night in November, and Tom described what happened: he was going home as usual; Mayella, sitting on the front porch, asked him to come in to fix a door; when he looked at the door, nothing seemed wrong with it; then she asked him to get something down from the top of a wardrobe; he stood on a chair to get it, when she grabbed his legs from behind; he jumped in fright, knocking the chair over, which he swears was the only furniture disturbed in the room when he left it.

And then Mayella hugged and kissed him, saying that she’d never kissed an adult man before, and that her father does to her doesn’t count, and told Tom to kiss her back. Tom Robinson didn’t want to touch her and asked her to let him leave. He just ran away after he heard Ewell shouting.

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