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Emni could invest in new technology to improve the training schemes. They should also provide funds which are available to the different departments to improve the areas in different ways of their choice, however to a limit. Ongoing Monitoring and Evaluating: As I have learned from the visit, Emni ensures the smooth running of the business on a day-to-day basis. Targets are communicated to all the employees in ways that are relevant to them. A business will monitor and evaluate the work of different departments to make sure that they are doing and achieving what they are expected to. Monitoring will help the business give them an idea of how they are doing. Each department in Emni’s will find this very helpful. Evaluating will also help different departments identify where they need improvements, and what needs to be done to improve them.

Discrimination: No discriminations are made in Emni and as a result of this; the different departments can work together and have no problems at all, when they communicating with each other, or having a meeting. Different types of people of different ethnic groups work together and that’s how Emni try to avoid any discrimination. Emni should hold gatherings where different workers from different departments can meet other employees at Emni, because I think that this will help encourage them to work well with each other and will also help them get to know who they are working with. Team work: Team work was shown to be very effective. Since Emni has a number of different departments, meetings are held regularly between the heads of the departments. They share and discuss the information and development of the functional areas. This helps them create more coordination in the company.

Recommendations: A number of recommendations could be suggested. The business would benefit from a better equipped conference room; this would mean that potential and existing shareholders would get a better impression of the company. Managers of different functional areas need to put measures in place to promote more in-depth evaluation of their work leading to better outcomes. The business needs to be aware of ever-increasing customer demands for new innovative menus to compete with the other restaurants.


To conclude I think that Emni’s work well together and have an effective communicating system and clearly set targets. As a result of this hard work, Emni restaurant are achieving what they want and are becoming more successful as time’s passing by. Emni is a successful company with clear aims and objectives which are targeted and monitored regularly. The communication within the company is effective and this has helped sustain its strong economic position.

The constant investment in modern technology has helped reinforce this position. Clear codes of conduct are put in place to ensure a safe and harmonious working environment. A variety of methodology was used to gather this information. This included going to the business and the manager Mr. Hannan talking to us about the business and how they work as a whole. We also got to look around the restaurant and take a look at how Emni looks internally and externally. We also got help from our teacher who gave us some extra information, so that we can write this.

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