Tim Tebow To Help The Denver Broncos

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If there was ever any doubt that one-year head coach Josh McDaniel is completely in control of acquiring players he wants, let us dispel that right away. At the end of the 2008 season, Mike Shanahan was fired, and McDaniel was hired on January 11th. By the end of March, he had gone through very public drama (You started it! No, YOU started it!) with Pro Bowl quarterback Jay Cutler. By April, Cutler found himself in Chicago, accompanied by a 5th round draft pick in exchange for Kyle Orton. O.K., drama over.

Not quite. McDaniel looked like a genius early in the 2009 season, as the Broncos fired out of the gate, starting 6-0, and looking invincible. They stumbled through the next six games, going 2-4, then completely flamed out, losing the last four games of the season, finishing 8-8.

Coach McDaniel has the solution, though, for 2010. Tim Tebow. In the first round of the draft. None of the pundits had Tebow being selected before late second round, but McDaniel and the Broncos selected him as the 25th pick in the first round. This is curious, given that Kyle Orton and Brady Quinn are certainly adequate quarterbacks. Further, Tim Tebow’s lack of throwing ability has been carefully chronicled. In four years at Florida, he ran the ball, and ran the ball, and ran the ball. He rarely threw it, only hooking up from time to time with the likes of Percy Harvin and Riley Cooper. It has been demonstrated (see vs. Alabama in the 2009 SEC championship, when Tebow CRIED on national TV) that when forced into throwing situations, he struggles. His legend continues, however. Word is that dozens of reporters – far more than usual – showed up to watch him during rookie camp.

The big need that Denver did not address was in the defensive line. In fact, the Broncos did not draft a defensive lineman in their first 10 picks of the 2010 draft. Running the ball, they should be fine, as they return Knowshon Moreno, who gained nearly a thousand years in his rookie season in 2009, and Correll Burkhalter, the other member of a decent 1-2 punch. At wide receiver, the veterans are strong – Jabar Gaffney and Brandon Stokley, but the draftees – Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker – are playing hurt. They are scheduled to be back for camp in the fall.

Fortunately for Denver, they definitely have a favorable first-half schedule. They play Seattle, Indianapolis, Oakland, and the Jets at home, and play Jacksonville, Tennessee, Baltimore, and San Francisco on the road. Like 2009, look for a 6-2 start. The question remains whether they can finish stronger than they did last year. They obviously couldn’t finish worse.

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