Tiger Woods Ends 2-year Drought

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After a two-year drought of career victories or overall quality in life, Tiger Woods is happy to be a winner again.

Towards the end of the game at Sherwood Country Club on Sunday, Woods was shown on the scoreboard as locked with Zack Johnson.

The Chevron World Challenge was the 27th start that Woods took on ever since his last win, back in November 2009 at the Australian Masters. It seemed that the real battle was not between the rivals but actually involved Woods struggling with himself.

Two years easily feel like two decades for athletes in the prime of their careers. The case was just so for Woods, who finally birdied the final hole from a 6-feet putt, beating Johnson by one stroke.

Interestingly, the field actually consisted of 18 players who were not ranked in the top 5, and the unofficial PGA Tour event which Woods himself hosted did not earn him any credit to the season-opening championship event to be held in Maui in 2012.

That did not keep Woods from reacting as if he had won his 15th major game. He pumped his right fist vigorously and let out a satisfied scream, just before spinning around to face the thousands of fans around the green. Reporters were also let in on the celebration thanks to the bottles of champagne Woods sent to the media center.

The happy golfer recorded a three-under-par 69, finishing at 10-under 278. His rival Johnson had led by one at the start of the day but ended up one stroke back after a 71.

Woods was quoted as saying, “It feels great,” and explaining that for once, it did not feel like it had been a while, as everything felt so comfortable for him.

His fans, of course, could not attest to being as comfortable. One young fan was found to be nervous in behalf of Woods as he stood before his approach shot. Woods backed off before making the shot, and another fan commented on how nervous Woods must have been, as he noticed that the golfer never did that before.

Woods was reportedly very pleased at having been able to pull off the win this time, and explained that he was just going out to play, like he did every week, implying that it was nothing to get worried about.

Still, his play on the last nine holes showed just how nervous he was. With two strokes ahead of Johnson, he missed a couple of birdies that he could have easily made years ago.

Of course, he admitted that he was always nervous whenever he got to that position, but he described it as a comfortable feeling.

Interestingly, Johnson was one of the players who admitted to having thought of Woods as “Superman” at one point, thanks to the air of invincibility he exuded between 2005 and 2009, never going more than six games in between titles. It would seem that the controversies surrounding his adultery came out to prove he was no Superman.

Woods concluded describing his nerves as being a comfort, especially knowing that he was “there with a chance to win.”

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