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Other parts of the figure are represented by parts of the car such as the such as the ski poles which are represented by the wind screen wipers, a couple of bolts and two plates of metal with the Audi four-ring symbol on them. The skis themselves are represented by metallic parts of the outer body of the car. They are given the look of sleekness and modern sophistication to increase the attraction of the car to the potential buyer. The sport of skiing depicted by the likeness of the figure to a skier is supposed to be similar to the car itself and the enjoyment of driving this car that is given to the driver, much like when a person skis for enjoyment. This is where the link in the advert between skiing and driving appears. Driving a domestic car is not a sport, but can be viewed as pleasurable and fulfilling much like skiing.

The figure of the skier is gives the illusion of movement, which can be seen because of the skier’s posture. He is made to look slightly bent forward for speed and his ski poles are held under his arms as if he is gliding along. Also his scarf is given the impression of being blown back by the oncoming force of wind to simulate movement. Although the figure is imitating movement it is in perfect focus, this is the same technique of computer enhancement the designers of this advertisement have used on the car. This also creates a link of similarity between the figure of the skier and the car.

The Audi symbol is also on many of the components that collectively create the figure of the skier. This is so when the reader looks at the figure of the skier, which is the enticing focus of the reader to this advert, they will see the Audi symbol several times. This may increase their interest in the car and their interest in the information on the page about the car.

Underneath the figure of the skier, at the bottom of the left side of the double page spread, are the words ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ in small, black san-serif font. These words are in German, which is where the manufacturer of the car, Audi, is based. Roughly translated it means advantage over technology. This has been the slogan of the company for many years and is included in most of their adverts. It can be used to attract the reader because when they see it, they become interested and try to guess what it means. It serves as a device for keeping the attention of the reader for a few more seconds, which can be vital. As a result of this advert someone may go on to evidently chose to buy this car and so the advert serves it’s purpose.

Next to the German slogan, in small, red san-serif font is a web site address, ‘’ This shows that the company has established itself on the Internet and so is a modern company. It also serves as a source of additional information for the reader, which again may lead to the purchase of the advertised car, or even another Audi model found on the internet through this address. Underneath the web site address and the slogan are some small informative details in small, black san-serif font.

They are important details about the VAT included in the price of the car and that the car comes with a ‘free tank of fuel, number plates, road fund license and first registration fee.’ These important details are not large and readily visible to the reader because the aim of the advert is to create interest in the car, and so the details are only read by the reader if they are interested, and have actually read thoroughly through the advert.

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