Three different fitness training methods

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This is used to assess how quickly your body is able to generate a great deal of speed. For example the 30m sprint fatigue power maintenance test is a good fitness measure to perform.

This test measures your body’s ability to generate large quantities of energy very quickly.

Many sports such as rugby, hockey, football and basketball require that the players are able to go from a stopped position to full speed in a very short amount of time. You need to do a lot of training to carry out this movement because you must also be able to generate a lot of power in order to get the body moving that quickly.

This is what you need to perform an explosive test:

1. A 40 metre section of a track.

2. An assistant

3. A stopwatch

4. Cones that will mark the course

To carry out this test you need to set up the course by placing two cones at each 10-metre interval from start to end in a straight line. The only one detour you want in the course is between the 10 metre and 20 metre marks. For this, place to additional cones at the 15 metre mark that are exactly 5 metres in the horizontal distance from the straight line that is formed with your other cones. When ready, have an assistant time you and then begin to sprint from the start to the finish (defined as the two cones that mark the thirty metre mark). After you reach the finish, take a light jog up to the 40 metre mark and then back down the vertical to the start position once again, all within no longer than a thirty second time frame. Repeat this sprint process a total of ten times.

Balance standing stork test

Athletes do the standing stork test to assess the static balance; this is an essential skill for lots of athletes.

The balance standing stork test is a vital component of agility. For athletes that run or jump as part of their sport, it is vital that they do this test as it improves the way you perform and it also decreases the chance of getting an injury.

To perform the test you will need:

1. An assistant

2. Paper and pencil

3. A stopwatch

4. A flat, non-slip surface

To do the test you will need to firstly remove your shoes then stand with your hands on your hips. When you have done this place the sole of the non-standing foot against the inside knee of the other leg. Then raise your heel from the floor so you are balancing on the ball of your foot. Finally assure that you have an assistant that starts the stopwatch as soon as your heel is on the floor. If at any point your hands come off your hips, your foot begins to twist in any direction, or the non-supporting foot loses contact with the knee, the test is then stopped.

Fitness testing and training Liam Wheeler

P2- Describe three different fitness training methods used to achieve excellence in a selected sport

Sit and reach test

The sit and reach test is an exercise that measures the flexibility of the lower back and the hamstring muscles.

It is important to have healthy hamstring and lower back muscles as it is important to your freedom of movement and general posture.

The point of the sit and reach test is to help you to understand whether your hamstrings and lower back muscles are too tight. Therefore, you need to do a lot more stretching to loosen them.

To do the sit and reach test you need:

1. A measuring tape

2. A box or ‘sit and reach’ table

To do the test you firstly need to sit on the floor with your legs straight out. After this place measuring tape, with 0cm at the base of box/table, parallel with one of your legs. Put soles of your feet, shoulder width apart against the box or table. Make sure that your knees are straight, this will determine hamstring flexibility. With hands stretched towards your feet, lean forward and reach with finger tips as far as possible. Finally, if possible reach beyond end of your toes over the top of the box.

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