This Thing of Darkness

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I went out with a couple of my classmates to a party, approximately 6 miles away from my house. In the dead of the night, we separated and each one of us went into diverse direction.

As I was going downhill, the weather seemed bizarrely transforming in different matters- white clouds turning into dark; forming a patter in a huge circle around me. The sky looked angry with dark and rolling clouds, while the wind lashed out upon the ground. With an ominous sound, the rain pelted the earth as if being poured from a bucket. A wave of gentle breeze glided me. Every time I took a step towards the bus stop; my eyebrows felt thick, my eyes were shivering, twitching and flashing- not mentioning the fact that I couldn’t see my way…

Suddenly, greedy and hungry thunder hit the sides of a building furiously.

As soon as I approached the bus stop, I saw a thick black object near the window. It appeared to be an old man who swiftly appeared out of nowhere in the darkness. His old, frightening eyes watched my every move. His face had mostly been hidden by his bright black glasses, but I could almost feel his cold breath as stepped farther away. He threw a black bottle onto the hard concrete floor. It shattered, and shards of glass scattered. When I glanced back, he smiled at me; his wrinkles letting me see his every expression, as if there wasn’t enough space separating us.

At this point, my stomach turned to ice.

I’m glad the late night bus has finally arrived. As I walked in, the smell was pungent. It reminded me of a rotten cabbages mixed with decaying fish meat. It was so horrible, I had to open the window; sensing the chilly air, a terrifying, terrible and hideous feeling came to me. It was about an old man who died in a car crash yesterday. Most people say that his house (a lonely house with a big basement down the very end of my street) is experiencing paranormal activities. A friend of mine said that he seen a ghost, but I didn’t believe him because I don’t believe in ghosts and such things.

The bus broke down, but luckily, I had to walk 10 minutes to get to my dear home.

So, I decided to take a shortcut. Unexpectedly, the clouds hustled together, inhaling and exhaling deeply. Rain thundered down, tormenting and harassing the ground. Looking at a dusty wall of a gigantic building, I spotted a dull, wicked thin shadow getting close to me.

Turning my head 90 degrees to the back, I saw a figure that seemed like the devil. It was that old creepy man again.

His smile reeked of wickedness, and something inside had told me he held many secrets behind his coat. His cold eyes where almost grey, and kept watching me. Being sixteen, I just tried my best to fake a smile, but inside, I was petrified of this old man! Meanwhile, I ran and my breath quickened and my head felt like a massive mountain and my skin was decaying and my heart beats were increasing rapidly and I could hear the blood pumping around all my body and my terror filled eyes were wide and stood out against my pale skin.

Tides of cold fear overcome me.

I sighted a small warm house with glowing heat coming out from the top. That’s when I knew I’m safe. I swiftly dashed at the doorstep, and somehow, I was struggling to get the key inside- my fingers were hard as a rock. Looking back, it was like encountering a slow, harrowing and painful death.

I went to my room, the temperature were normal, which made me pleased. Abruptly, a hushed wave of wind surfs through the room. Fearfully, I took a peek through the curtains; I felt the muscles of my heart tighten with incredible force, sending gushes of blood down my veins in a single movement.


I woke up in a hospital. My parents told me that I had a heart attack. One question came to my mind: do heart attacks happen to teenagers? That’s when I remembered that demon, so I closed my eyes wishing never to be woken up again neither at hell or heaven.

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