This is the Economics of Maidstone compared to the rest of England

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From these statistics about both Maidstone and Stoke-on-Trent there are a lot of conclusions that can be drawn up. Looking at the population and gender first I personally think that men are more likely to visit a theme park than women and that the key age group that a theme park is aimed at is from 10 to 35 years of age. From the pyramids and table both Maidstone and stoke-On-Trent have more females than males how ever in stoke-on-Trent there are many more people of the age group, 10 – 35. Also in stoke-on-Trent there are nearly double the amount of people overall.

Therefore from the population side of things it would be much more beneficial to build a theme park in Stoke-on-Trent than Maidstone. Economically the affects of a new theme park to a city would be drastic. It would cause a lot more tourism and traffic. This however leads to a lot of jobs so a larger population would be useful in staffing a theme park and maybe a park hotel for guests to stay in. In Maidstone only 2. 2% of the population are unemployed and more than 60% of people are employed therefore people will have the money to spend in the parks, and there will be some people to fill unskilled jobs like cleaning of selling merchandise.

In Stoke-on-Trent the percentages of unemployment is higher and the level of employment lower but with the extra amount of people this wouldn’t make that much difference to the income of the park. The Different ways to travel around the area of Maidstone and stoke-on -Trent are much the same, both have buss services and train services. However with Maidstone being a smaller location it would probably be a shorter distance to travel if staying in the centre of the town therefore costing less for the customers.

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