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Disney land Paris wants 14 to design and put into action the marketing mix that will best achieve its objective in its target markets. The company first develops company wide strategic plans, and then translates them into marketing and other plans for each division, product and brand. Through implementation, the company turns the plans into actions. Control consist of measuring and evaluating the results of marketing activities and taking corrective action where needed. Finally marketing analysis provides information and evaluation needed for all of the other marketing activities.

Marketing Analysis: Managing the marketing functions begins with a complete analysis of the company’s situation. The company must analyze its markets and marketing environment to find attractive opportunities and avoid environmental threats. It must analyse company’s strength and weakness as well as current and possible-marketing actions to determine which opportunity is right. Marketing provide input to each of the other marketing management functions. Marketing Planning: Through strategic planning 15 the company decides what it wants to do with each business unit.

Marketing planning involves deciding on marketing strategies that will help the company attains its overall strategies objectives. A detailed marketing plan is needed for each business, product or brand. The plan begins with an executive summary which quickly overviews major assessment, goals and recommendations. The main sections of the plan present a detailed analysis of the current marketing situation as well as potential threats and opportunities. It next states major objectives for the brand and outlines the specifics of marketing strategies for achieving them.

A marketing strategy is the marketing logic whereby the company hopes to achieve its marketing objectives. It consists of specific strategies for target markets, positioning, the marketing mix and marketing expenditure level. In this section the planner explains how each strategy responds to the threats opportunities, and d critical issues spelled out earlier in the plan. Additional sections of the marketing plan lay out an action program for implementing the marketing strategy along with the details of a supporting marketing budget.

The last section outlines the controls that will be used to monitor progress and take corrective action. Marketing Implementation: Planning good strategies is only a start toward successful marketing. A brilliant marketing strategy counts for little if the company fails to implement it properly. Marketing execution is the process that turns marketing plans into marketing behaviour in order to complete strategic marketing objectives. Implementation involves day-to-day, month-to-month activities that effectively put the marketing plan to work.

Whereas marketing planning addresses the and why of marketing activities, implementation addresses who, where, when and how. Many managers think that doing things right is as important as or even more important than doing the right things. The fact is that both are critical to success. However companies can gain competitive advantages through effective implementation. One firm can have essentially the same strategy as another, yet win in the marketplace through faster or better execution.

Still implementation is difficult. It is often easier to think up good marketing strategies than it is to carry them out. In an 16 increasingly connected world, people at all levels of the marketing system must work together to implement marketing plans and strategies. In Disney land Paris marketing managers make decisions about target segments, positioning, pricing and promoting and distributing. They connect with people elsewhere in the company to get support for their products and programs.

They talk with engineering staffs about product design, with manufacturing about production and inventory levels and with finance about funding and cash flows. They also connect with outside people such as advertising agencies to plan ad campaigns and the media to obtain publicity support. Successful marketing implementation depends on how well the company blends its people, organisational structure, decision and reward systems, and company culture into cohesive action program that supports it strategies. Marketing Control 17:

Because many surprises occur during the implementation of marketing plans, the marketing department must practice constant marketing control. Marketing control involves evaluating the results of marketing strategies and plans and taking corrective actions to ensure that objectives are attained. Operating control involves checking ongoing performance against the annual plan and taking corrective decision when necessary. Servqual Scale 18: This is a scale that may be used for performing the gap scrutiny of an enterprise’s service quality performance against consumer service quality wants.

There are 5 key dimensions in this method. They are: Tangibles: This includes appearance of physical facility, equipment, and manpower and communication facility. Disneyland Paris has provided all the facilities of these dimensions. Reliability: Disneyland Paris has always performed their promises and moreover they have tried their best to give better service. Responsiveness: Disneyland Paris is always very quick to response to their consumers and they are very willing to help.

There are many employees employed for quick response. Assurance: Disneyland Paris has efficient employees who possess enough knowledge and meekness to their customers. It gives highest facilities among its competitors. Empathy: Disneyland Paris has focused on the individual customers rather than aggregate customers. This has helped them to attract more customers. The Usage Of Servqual Scale: It is widely used in service industries for example Disneyland Paris. It may also be used in the inter organisation.

Steps in Servqual Scale: In this method there are some steps they are the relative significance of each fact, and a dimension of performance prospect, and a measurement for the concerned company. Cons Of Servqual Scale: There has been the validity of these dimensions. There is often problem in calculating the servqual contributions. Assumptions of Servqual Scale 19: For Disneyland Paris is we want to apply SERVQUAL SCALE then we need to keep some assumptions for example one of them are the result of market survey are precise.

The power of the model is based on the empirical theories. And more over another assumption is that customers need be captured and the theory suggests that these things remain constant. Conclusion: Disney land Paris has already achieved a great position in the world and in peoples mind. Through its constant efficient service it may be able to keep its pace for many years.


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