The uses of ICT in business

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Printer – Toner used in laser printers is a fine dust. Careful handling is required when changes printer cartridges and should only be carried by a member of the technical staff. Manual Handling – ICT equipment is often heavy and bulky. All technical staff should take a Health and Safety Course. Personal safety – When changing cartridges, repairing peripherals or other ICT equipment, clothing, hair, jewellery etc should be secured. The correct tools should be used for repairing and maintaining equipment. Ergonomics or good design of the working environment can help to overcome the above issues.

Legal requirements that affects the employee Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 The employee has the responsibility of taking care of their own health and safety at work and of others who may be affected by what they do or do not do. In addition the employee must co-operate with the employer or any other person to comply with statutory requirements. Legal requirements that affects the employer Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 The employer has a duty to ensure as far as is reasonably practicable the health, safety and safety of all his employees.

In addition he has responsibilities for those people who use his premises or are affected by what he does. Part of his duties requires him to ensure that there is a safe place of work, safe access to the workplace and safe conditions whilst at work. He must also have concern for the equipment and materials provided, ensure that there are skilled staff and that all staff receive adequate training and instruction. In addition he must protect staff from unnecessary risk of injury. Where there are five employees or more the employer must publish and implement a Safety Policy and provide instruction and training.

Also if requested by union appointed safety representatives, form a Safety Committee. The regulations require employers to assess and reduce risk, plan work to allow breaks or changes in activity, provide information and training and provide eye tests on request. The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 requires all electrical systems and equipment to be constructed and maintained in a safe condition. There are certain standards relating to the safety of ICT equipment, e. g. Specification for Safety of ICT

Equipment including electrical business equipment The Centre’s electrical equipment is checked regularly in accordance with Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council’s policy. The Centre’s technical team regularly checks, maintains and cleans ICT equipment. A CO2 fire extinguisher should be positioned near to any ICT equipment. TASK 6 The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act (1988) Copyright is a legal protection that gives creators of original works the exclusive right to make copies of those works and to distribute them.

As a property right, this can be leased, licensed or given away by the creator – thus the original creator may not be the copyright owner. Copyright, Designs and Patents Act (1988) When you find something you want to use on a web site, first look to see if there is a permission statement on the web site. Some web sites have specific guidelines for you to follow when using something from their web site, others offer free use of items posted on their site. Some web sites specify that you may use certain items if you add links to their web site on your web site.

A few software companies, such as Microsoft, have graphic image libraries that contain images that can be downloaded. They give permission to their licensed users to legally use these images, but ask that you list their company and web site as a source for these images. If no permission statement is given, then you should obtain specific permission – which can most easily be done by sending an email to the webmaster of the page concerned. Send an e-mail to this address containing: Before the ICT there was manual system used in the office such as papers for storing the data.

This was very difficult task for the employee because it’s difficult to search for the specific details from the records. Nowadays, a document can be scanned into a computer and the user can search a template profile or search the entire text of the document. CD ROM has over a 30 year shelf life and can store over 15,000 documents. A document that is stored on a computer can be easily located, and once it is found it can be printed, faxed or e-mailed. Another advantage of an EDM system is its archival abilities.

Imagine storing 10 file cabinets worth of paper documents in your desk drawer, and being able to retrieve any document within 30 seconds! What is the cost to all of this paper? Consider that an average company spends 25,000 to fill one file cabinet and 2,100 a year to maintain the cabinet. Facilities offered by using the internet to book a flight Website – www. britishairways. com Selections of Flights – Once you searched the place you want to go it will give all the information of the flights that are available and going to be available with price on them.

Below shows how it look likes; Once the customer has decided on which day they want to go then the registration form appears online and customer has to fill in and pay by credit card and get the booking reference. Offers – This website has different kind of offers such as Christmas gift voucher, travel voucher, low cost flights and reward earning points. Email address for inquiry – This website has email address form that you can fill in online and then they email you back.

Online check-in – Allows customer to check-in and confirm your seat selection remotely, from your office or home, up to 12 hours before departure, saving you valuable time at the airport. Secure website – This website is secure and all the information of the customer is safe. https://www. britishairways. com Announcement of offers/deals – This website does have special offers but customer has to choose from the index options. Its not eye catching in big font, advertise or pop up message. Destination information – This website has destination information with four choices and they are; event guides, city guides, weather, currency converter.

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