The Use of ICT in Business

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When creating my business I had to use a range of different software’s to get a good result. I used ranging Microsoft software and an Internet client to gather my information. The main software I used was Microsoft Word Processor, which was very useful when reporting about my information that I had collected. Also when having to add an analysis about something collected from the Internet or made on another piece of software.

This print screen shows Microsoft Word Processing software. As you can see it has many features which allow you to create many different types of report, analysis and/or invoices. You can insert tables and charts so that you can show relevant trends in things such as sales per year. Showing tables makes your information more presentable and easy to understand. Using word processing software will make my business more efficient as I will be able to create templates for my work so that when letters, invoices and other documents need printing there will be a specific template/border/letterhead which will A) Make my pages more presentable B) Make my business seem more presentable.

As word processors have many features which you can use to edit letters and add to advertising you can make them more presentable getting more attention and/or becoming more recognisable. Using Word was very efficient for my business because I could get work done quickly and easily, and I could also change formats when required; for example making font sizes bigger to emphasise sections or underlining important areas to make them more noticeable.

Within my business I used Word on every assignment at least once, especially when creating reports and analysis for example on my cash flow forecast analysis. It allows me to complete reviews on work easily allowing me to see what I a have done, and it is also useful when other people look at them as they will know what they are being shown, for example when new employees join the business and want to know how well the business was doing or was expected to do, they can read the analysis written on Word instead of needing someone to explain something that may of occurred in previous years.

Word helped me to complete tasks relating to my business as I could explain what was happening with the development of my business and what I intended to do with my business in the future; creating my objectives. I have used Microsoft Word to do this but there are other Word Processors available that do the same thing, for example;

WordPerfect Office 12 – which gives you a lot more font types than Word and is only a word processor whereas on Microsoft word you can do a lot more other than just write documents etc. If you needed software that specialized in just writing word documents you would be more inclined to go for WordPerfect, but as I needed to create a lot of other things such as tables and also edit images- Microsoft Word was better.

Microsoft Works – This is a basic version of the Microsoft Office software that I used. It is cheaper to buy than Word but has fewer features. It is fine for creating simple letters, but when needing to create larger documents, some features may not be available. For a small business this would be great for a start because it’s a lot cheaper to purchase for the computer. Secondly I used software called Microsoft Excel, which is spreadsheet software, which allows you to create detailed tables with formulas so that you can calculate complicated sums.

The print screen to the side shows what Excel looks like. Excel is in the software package of Microsoft Office with Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher – and even sometime FrontPage. Excel is used purposely for creating spreadsheet, tables and graphs. As you can see it has gridlines and ‘cells’ in which you can create tables from; you can change the cell heights and widths for the whole spreadsheet or just for one row.

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