The use of ANOVA

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Statistical Inference for this study would help in determining whether the responses of the sample significantly reflect the perception of the entire population. For mean inferences, this study shall make use of standard deviations to show the disparities between the responses of the survey participants. In the same manner, another statistical tool, the Analysis of Variance or ANOVA. The use of ANOVA in this study would be helpful in testing the hypotheses as well as in establishing the differences between two or more means without increasing the tendency to meet the Type I error rate (Rutherford, 2001).

In the same manner, the reliability and validity of data obtained by the researcher for this study shall also be measured. Validity refers to the accuracy of the measurement while reliability tests are performed to ensure the consistency of the data obtained from the study (Saunders, et al. , 2007). Cronbach’s Alpha, with a coefficient of 0. 9482 shall be used. Because of this, all values greater than 0. 7 are considered to be valid. 3. 2. 7. Sampling Procedures The respondents were selected using purposive sampling.

The inclusion criteria are as follows: 1) should be a member of the American healthcare industry; 2) has explicitly confirmed awareness about the practices of the industry regarding supply management; and 3) has expressed consent on his willingness to participate in the study. 3. 2. 8. Correlation, Regression & Trend Analysis To further analyze the data obtained by the researcher, a correlation shall be made in order to determine the degree of relationship between two variables (Trochim, 2006).

This statistical analysis would help in determining which practices of supply management affects the efficiency of such management tool. Aside from correlation, the researcher shall also make use of a regression analysis which according to Fox (1991), is used in the modeling and analysis of numerical data, consisting of values of a dependent variable and one or more independent variables. Finally, the researcher shall also analyze the data obtained in order to establish trends, thereby becoming the central function of another statistical method used in this study, trend analysis (Schaefer, 1995).

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