The Unlucky One

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It’s a dark and gloomy winter’s day in the south of Wales. Katie Brown wakes up to the sound of her mother saying, “Wake up, it’s time for school. ” Katie was a very beautiful girl, yet she was so self-effacing and calm. She was doing exceedingly well in school with her education, and her mum considered her to be the “golden child. ” Katie, unlike many of her female friends, desired to contribute more effectively to humanity, rather than what was considered a women’s job. Katie always looked up to her father as doctor who contributed immensely to society.

She too wanted to become one of the first women to break the barriers of the male dominated world. She lived with her two younger brothers who were twins and her older sister along with her mother who was unfortunately divorced. Her sister was always the mutinous and rebellious one that always did something wrong and was shouted at. She found her brothers bothersome yet she loved them with all her heart. Katie had to live a dual life almost as she was mainly the cleaner of the house as her mother needed help with housework and she also had to go to school.

One day Katie was making her way to school. She was in year 11 and was facing the many stresses of passing her exams which would shape her life. On this meticulous day Katie was running late and she left the house in a very bad state. She arrived late to school. Mr Syed, the math’s teacher asked her, “where is your homework” in a very angry manner and she replied by saying, “I forgot to do it sir, I didn’t have time.

I had to help out my mother. ” The math’s teacher upon hearing these excuses became red with anger and said, “NO excuses young lady. Not knowing that Mr Syed only cared about her passing her exam, she replied by saying, “leave me alone, I can’t do it anymore, I hate my life. ” Mr Syed became speechless as he was not use to this character of Katie. He always knew her as a well mannered girl so he knew that something must be wrong in the family. He replied in a shocked manner, “go to the head teacher’s office. ” Upon reaching the head teacher’s office her heart started to beat ten times faster as she started to think about her perfect record which she kept ever since she was in year 7.

However that was the least of her worries as when she reached for the door handle on the head teacher’s office her hand started to quiver with fear as all the memories of her mother saying, “Your sister has hurt me and this family, do not become like her for you are the one who keeps this family together. ” She worried about what her mother would say and how the disappointment would show on her face. Being so young and naive, Katie became perplexed and thought of what she should do. She asked herself whether she should just face the penalty or if she should run away.

Katie decided to run away and not face the head teacher and her mother. But she was not to know that this decision was going to change her life. She rushed to the door and was greeted by the history teacher Mr Warnock and he said, “where you off to then Katie. Don’t you have a lesson? ” Katie quickly thought of a lie and said, “yes sir, I do have a lesson but I have to go home to pick up a book that I forgot. ” Mr Warnock looked at her very oddly but considering Katie’s reputation as an honest girl said to her, “OK, but make sure you come back in time for history at the end of the day. ” Katie then left the school premises.

Once she was out in the open she was flummoxed and did not know what to do. She chose to walk about and whilst on that trip she walked through a dark and scary alleyway but she was not aware of her surrounding. She was too preoccupied with thoughts of her life. But then…… it all happened. A black van pulled up behind her at the end of the alleyway and a couple of men with covered faces ran up to her and grabbed her and Katie struggled and struggled whilst her mouth was covered by the aggressor. After a while of not being able to breathe she passed out and all she could hear over her was, “she’s a good catch. The men threw her into the back of the van with a lot of other bemused young girls. After a while Katie had started to come back to her senses and as her vision became better and her hearing became sharper she realized that she was not dreaming and the event of her being captured was real as she could make out that she was in a van.

Katie then heard, “hey boss, check out the new recruit. She’s just woken up. ” Katie started to cry and started to shout, “if only, if only….. If only I had just went to the head teacher and just taken my punishment, then I wouldn’t be here. The heartless boss kidnapper named Johnny Divine then said, “shut up, stay quiet like the other girls. You are only here to make me and my boys some money. ” Katie then looked across the van and realized that she was not going through this ordeal on her own. The other girls looked depressed and lifeless. She asked one of them, “Where are we? What are we doing here? The girl said, “we are all victims, we have been here for the past month now. We have been taken by these men to do their dirty work. Some of us are forced to sell drugs for them and some of us are enslaved.

Katie with a shocked expression said, “is this going to happen to me as well? ” The mysterious girl replied, “You’re not any different. You will also have to go through the same pain as we did. After a few hours of driving the van had halted to a stop. Johnny the kidnapper said to his workers, “Right then, we are here now. Go open the door and don’t let any of them escape. Do you hear me otherwise I’ll have all your heads. ” One of the workers then opened the back door of the van and after being in the dark for so long the sudden rush of light from the street lamps blinded Katie for a few seconds as she covered her eyes.

Meanwhile Katie’s mother was looking at the time as it neared to the school finishing time. The phone suddenly rang and for a reason this phone call seemed different. As soon as the telephone rang Katie’s mother was met by a shocking sensation as when she picked up the phone she was greeted by the head teacher saying that, “your daughter Katie is in trouble I’m afraid. She failed to come to the office after not completing her homework. I’m sorry to tell you this but your daughter Katie ran away from school and we do not know of her whereabouts. ” Katie’s mother broke down in tears as the head teacher broke the news to hear.

Katie in the meantime was being pulled and dragged by the heavily guarded and masked men. She was brought to an abandoned warehouse. As soon as they went in the warehouse she was not met by a deadly silence but rather a casino full of people. She was moved to the back of the casino where there was a group of men having a private party. Johnny Divine the head kidnapper said to his bosses, “I found a new girl, just like you asked. Could you spare my family now please? ” Then the gang leader who was wearing a long dark jacket and smoking a cigar replied very calmly, “of course… not.

You think I care about your family. Don’t you dare ever mess me around. ” The gang leader then clicks his fingers and Johnny Divine was met by a devastating bullet to the center of the head. ” Katie then screamed as she watched the blood ooze and flow on the floor. “Shut her up” said the gang leader. One worker quickly taped Katie’s mouth shut. Katie was sat down on a chair and told to listen very carefully. With an air of iniquity and reprisal present the gang leader says, “I have a special assignment for you and before you speak you WILL comply or you will suffer great consequences. Now let her speak. ”

The servant then rips the tape of Katie’s mouth and she gasps for air. She says, “why are you doing this to me, why me, what have I done to deserve this? ” The gang leader chuckles as he says, “if I cared then I wouldn’t be doing this. Anyways your assignment is to go to this address and make sure the client gets the drugs he asked for. If you do not meet this assignment then I will not kill you. Instead I will kill your family which I have all details of. If you want to see your family alive then you will work for me. Understand? Katie with fear replied, “Yes, I will do the job. ” The gang leader replied with satisfaction, “Good.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, don’t try and run away because it’s your family at stake and not you. Now go. ” Katie was set free and was allowed to leave. However she was entirely bewildered and nervous as she was not sure what to do. She thought about doing the right thing and fighting the bullies but her family was too prized for her to risk. She set off to do the task. She arrived at the address and she saw a revolting, deserted and scary-looking old house. The door seemed to creak open on it’s own. She was met by a rush of toxic air covered with fumes of drugs. She then heard a voice saying, “Over here. She followed the voice into a living room with a man sitting there watching T. V on his own.

He presented her the money and told her to leave the “stash” on the table. She left the house as quickly as she possibly could and she went back to the drug selling casino. A deeply sad Katie who wanted no further part in this was brought to the gang leader. The gang leader asked her, “did you complete the task or not” and she said “yes. ” “Well done” said the gang leader in a sarcastic manner whilst his workers laughed. Katie became frustrated and finally gathered enough moral courage when she said “I will not complete any further task.

This bravery of Katie did not come out from nowhere. It was all apart of her grandiose plan which she concocted whilst the gang leader was speaking. She saw ironing which was there. She whispered to herself, “it’s now or never. ” Katie sprang for the iron which was steaming hot as it was plugged in the wall. She almost dared the men to come forward and stop her. Her heart beat tremendously fast. She then threw the iron at the men and she ran away as far and as fast as she could. Katie was feeling the rush of adrenaline as she carried out this bold and daring plan.

She made it and she was away from the gang. Katie managed to even find her way back into her area. From this point, Katie could find her way home very easily and it looks like for Katie that this time she has succeeded and has gotten a second chance. Katie after walking in the rain pondering about her life turns into her road- Ladbroke Grove. Upon turning into her road Katie sees that there are many police cars outside her home but at first she is not as worried as she could be. She thought of it as her mother being worried sick and therefore phoning the police.

However, when she continues to draw nearer to her house she starts to see an ambulance. Katie goes into a fit of despair and she runs towards her home and she yells “MUUUUUUUUUUUM” very emotionally. The police man calmly says, “could you stay back please” not knowing that she was the missing daughter. She reveals that she is Katie and the man let’s her through. To her despair she see’s her mother and her twin brothers and older sister all dead on the floor. Whilst she was in a state of shock she observed that it said on the wall, “I told you if you try and run away then you will PAY. “

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