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The type of management style that occurs at Tesco is democratic; the reason for this is because the managers at Tesco encourage staff to be more independent, so that staff has more responsibilities, which will help broaden their skills and knowledge. The management style at Tesco is progressive as Tesco look ahead in to the future, especially in information technology and communication. Tesco’s management style is really successful as their mission statement is on target and will be met.

A Description Of The Use Of ICT For Internal ; External Communications Of The Business; Information and communication technology has totally transformed, over the last few years, which has led to a major change in the way communication flows through a business. This has had a massive affect on the way Tesco operates today, as they are a service-related organisation, as they don’t produce their own goods. Some examples of changes in technology that have had an effect on the way Tesco communicates internally and externally are.

Email- Is used to replace old methods such as faxes, telephone calls and letters, as e-mail is a lot quicker, especially if the message has to be sent to more than one person, it is more convenient than conventional methods, it is also used to correspond with suppliers. Internet- This allows Tesco to create a communication link with the global market; this allows better communication between staff and customers that are overseas.

Tesco’s website allows its customers to see what they are doing externally (e. g.) how they help the local community, it also allows them to explore Tesco’s range of products and services. Customer can browse through 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world. Network Databases- Has allowed Tesco to replace the old traditional ways of filling and storing information. Customer Service- At Tesco any questions or complaints can be dealt with over the phone or through the Internet, this makes the communication process a lot quicker. Payment Methods- There are a number of ways in which Tesco’s customers can pay for their goods or services, some of the payment methods that are accepted at Tesco are;

Cheque- Details can be printed out at the till, using the information given to produce a receipt. Cheques can be used to pay up to a given price. Debit Card- This allows the customer to pay for their goods or service without any cash, the transaction is automatically checked at the customer’s bank account, the payment is guaranteed once it has been checked if there is enough in the persons account. Credit Card- This is a similar process however, the money is not taken from the customers account, the sale is paid for at the time. Customers may also ask for up toi??

50 cash back. Payment Methods; The new payment methods that have been made available thanks to ‘Electronic Funds Transfer at point of Sale’ (EDTOS) allows Tesco to change their customers at the point of the Sale. These payment methods have proven to be popular innovation with their customers, as it saves them the time of having to go to a cash point (ATM) or bank. IT in store Operation; Information Technology is essential for any large organisation affectively, it is used for many in store operations (E. g. ) monitoring sales, ordering stock etc.

Tesco sell thousands of products, therefore they use computerised merchandising systems, to order the correct products to the correct place without these type of system it would be a very long process. Goods are no longer entered manually, which means accurate pricing is guaranteed, because Tesco sell thousands of products, each item has an individual barcode usually printed somewhere on the package, this allows Tesco to monitor their stock levels, which means that once a certain amount of a particular product is sold the computer will automatically re-order the product, this is known as the ‘Sales Based Order (SBO).

Home Shopping; Tesco has introduce a home shopping service with the use of information technology, this enables people to order their shopping from home using the internet, this is done through a computer programme, it allows its customers to order any of the products that the particular branch sells, orders can be placed 24 hours a day, orders are delivered to the customers home. These home shopper customers have to register and are given a personal ID number, payments for shopping can be made by debit and credit cards.

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