The Truth about High Heels

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Are you one of those shoe-o-holics who live and breathe pumps and stilettos? Is shoe logy the only thing you ace in and “stiletto” the only foreign word you know? If so, then a little bit of shock is in store for you as we divulge the unsolicited truth about your irreplaceable high heels… A fashion fanatic’s frenzy and every woman’s favorite companion, the high heeled shoes have presided over womankind for decades after their invention. Ironically as much as these shoes epitomize feminism, these were originally invented for shorter nobles in the French courts as height increasers.

High heeled shoes have always been a source of awe for me. Stepping into these shoes makes you feel like a warrior equipped with all the world’s wedges, blades, stilettos (the Latin word for daggers) and blocks marching into a cruel male-dominated world. The unique melodies of the tick-tack-clacks of the heels give an insight to the individual in every woman’s personality and alert the world of the arrival of a chic and confident individual. Some even confess that on embarking a first pair of high heels was when their lives as woman truly began.

Whether it is an expensive pair of Jimmy Choos, Guccis, Manalos or Salvatore Feragamo’s or just a roadside buy, these shoes conjure miracles when it comes to alleviating melancholy. As much as these shoes stand for all that is feminism, are these really entirely that worth it? Women tolerate a lot more than discomfort and sore feet when it comes to high heels. Underestimating the consequences of these shoes is truly brutal. As much as I would hate to admit it, being a lover of shoes, these shoes indubitably live up to the names of weapons that they’ve been bombarded with.

Each shoe specializes in annihilation of different parts of the feet. So a whole collection of shoes can guarantee podiatric calamity! Alas, every woman commits the “Classic heel mistakes”. It is of tremendous magnitude to salvage the health of all the toes and ankles of the world. Believe me; it’s going to take a whole lot more than writing this article to truly combat these classic mistakes which are being committed from time immemorial. The combination of high heeled shoes and running shoes causes an inflammation of the heel tendon.

Therefore the working woman who poises her time between office heels and gym sneakers is the prime target. So what? Better chic and deformed than tacky and normal, right? Wrong. A big mistake made by women is disregarding the health of their feet. Classic heel mistake no. 2 -stuffing your feet into narrow fronted pumps, this temptation leads to the dedicated misalignment of your dainty toes to the extent of surgery. Broad footed people who desperately cram their feet into miniscule shoe sizes compose majority of the victims who succumb to “Bunions”.

Calluses on the side of the toes or at the bottom of the foot are easy to combat as they are short-term but the pain caused can be excruciating. Although it may be “fun” and the only way to kill time at the daily yoga class, succumbing to temptation to peel these off can produce infections which lead to proliferation of existing adversity and may give you little option than to give up high heels completely. The only shoe to be privileged with a disease named after it is the pump. The famous “pump bump” is an engorgement of the heel bone.

Knowledge of these diseases couldn’t be less significant to woman, as woman around the world carry off their esteemed accessory and has even lesser significance to the thousands of imminent designers who are getting set to adorn the world with plenteous new heels and an addition to the foot problems confronted by woman across the globe. As the value of these shoes soars up the consumer markets, the ages of the girls wearing these decreases. A simple shoe can prove to be harmful beyond belief.

So think about your pair of Jimmy Choos and the intricate details; but behind all the pretty designing is an object which can completely annihilate your feet to repulsive and deformed structures! It’s only a simple matter of restraining time spent on your heels. There are woman who spend days on heels without realizing the harm they are bringing to themselves. As much as I hate writing this, being a true shoe fanatic, I have come to the conclusion that beauty truly can kill; if not the person, it can undeniably kill her feet.

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