The Train

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I chose this book because the front cover looked interesting. It was very artistic. On the front cover it had a hand opening what I think is the train door. Part of the hand was in the flesh and the other part was bones. The title of the book was written in large lettering. The other reasons why I chose this book was because a friend recommended ‘Point Horror’ books, and I had not yet read this book. I had also read the blurb at the back and it sounded interesting. I thought that the beginning was quite easy to follow as it was only introducing the characters.

The main character was a girl called Hannah Deaton, she was getting on the train with her friends. My emotions as I read this book was were as if I was watching a horror film. Some parts were exciting and in other parts there would be a lot of suspense. Throughout the book I first thought that Frog (a character in the book) had come back from the dead. Weird, isn’t it? But towards the end I find out that it was his girlfriend, Lolly-short for Louise. I didn’t think it was her at first because someone had attacked her just after everyone boarded the train, and then she did the wise thing by leaving.

I then find out that she did it to herself. A quote to prove this is “Oh, Hannah, don’t be silly. I did that to myself! ” I don’t think there were confusing parts in this play. If there was I can’t remember. My feelings at the end of the book changed about the main character Hannah. I say this because at first I didn’t think she deserved anything that was happening to her. At the end she reveals that Frog was being paid by her father to fix up the garden to host a party. He tried very hard to make things look good. Hannah decided to let Frog come to show her gratitude.

But on the day of the party she changed her tune and said he couldn’t come by using some excuse that the party was off. Frog realised that she was not telling the truth and drove off angrily. He then died in a car accident. From this book I learnt that if there was a new person in town like Frog you shouldn’t judge them by what they look like and give them a chance. I think that the author’s message was again to not judge people straight away. Although Frog didn’t take part in this book his name came up several times. Frog’s real name was Roger and Lolly’s was Louise as I’ve said before.

These were just nicknames but people would use the nicknames instead of the real names. This book was like another book I had read before. That book was called ‘The Fever’ and was written by the same person. The circumstances were more or less the same but it was set in a hospital. The main character was also a girl and was being attacked by some mysterious person. These books were obviously written for people who like a scare. You can simply tell that by the genre it is in. I do think that this book succeeds in the sort of reader it is meant to attract.

It might have not been brilliant but it was still a good book. Basically this book was about five friends that were being attacked on a train. The train was heading towards San Francisco. It was a Parker High School cross-country train tour. Hannah and her friend Kerry find out that there is a coffin on board. A coffin of someone they knew about but didn’t like. After this the whole group of friends start talking about all the bad things they had done to that person, this person was Frog. Someone then starts to mysteriously attack them.

First it was Lolly but we later find out that she did that to herself. She made everyone believe that she left after the attack but she came back and hid on the train. She starts to attack them one by one and she even threw one of them off the train. Jean Marie was the only one that died, after being thrown off the train. She only did this because Frog fancied her and always wanted to go out with her. Hannah thought that Frog had come back to life, all her friends thought that she was going mad. She finds out towards the end of the story that it was Lolly dressing up as Frog.

Fate catches up with Lolly and she dies. This book is not believable. I say this because I don’t think there are people like Lolly that are complete psychopaths. I don’t people, actually shy and quite people would be out to kill people that treated their boyfriend badly, even if they were in a car accident. I think that the author wanted me to dislike Frog, otherwise known as Roger. I did dislike him at first for they way he treated people. But I found it sad that all these bad things happened to him. I thought that this was a good book overall even though that some people said it was boring.

I think that this story took place not long ago. I base this on the fact that during the end of the play they went to play on some arcade machines. I thought that it was easy to imagine the scene because they were on a train that was travelling a long distance. My first impression was seats and bunk beds in their rooms. I thought that this book was right for me because I only seem to like horror books. I read the occasional romance or adventure but that is about it. Sometimes I don’t read all of it if I find it too boring.

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