The three motivational strategies

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Self talk: this is when you talk to yourself in order to motivate yourself by saying positive things rather than negative. For example I could say “I will win this race because I have put my all in training”. I think this type of motivational strategy could be effective on Gary and Derek, as Gary could tell himself all the good parts about his performance and that as long as he believes in his performance it doesn’t matter what others think.

In Derek’s case, I believe that self talk will just improve even more his motivation in wanting to continue and persevere within kickboxing, as long as he gives himself reassurance that he is good at kickboxing and he can do it. Goal setting: planning something that you will do and finish at a set time that could be short or long term periods. This will only work if you stick to it and so it will motivate you to push harder and strive for success.

This area of motivational strategy can be very effective, to Gary if he set himself small reachable goals, I believe he would continue kickboxing for a longer period as he would be achieving and have a feeling of success when these short term goals are met, he could build up all the short term goals to end on a long term goal of say; winning a competition or contest bout.

In Derek’s case, I feel that if he also sets himself small goals then this may build up his confidence in competing, goal setting can make an individual feel success within smaller expectations, then later the big hope or expectation can be met allot easier than trying to reach a big goal all at once. Rewarding: this is when you receive a reward externally or internally for you win or performance such as money or trophies and self-esteem and self-confidence.

I believe that if some sort of rewarding was introduced to Gary’s training strategy this may encourage him, however one would need to be careful as to how much rewarding was given. Only if Gary completed a task at a high level or reached a goal set should he receive a reward, this would limit Gary taking part just for an external reward. Derek on the other hand does not seem to need any external rewarding, however that does not mean that it cannot be introduced, if Derek was to introduce a reward every time he again reached a goal set then this would motivate himself even more to succeed.

The self talk strategy: this is re enforcement of the individual done by them intrinsically setting mental goals. Gary should use this method and would gain some advantages from doing so; Gary could try to be more positive towards his training instead of being negative when attempting to train hard. Gary could re enforce him self by saying “If I train harder I will win the next tournament because I am able and capable of doing so”. This type of motivational strategy requires Gary to believe in himself in order to be successful so he must try harder.

Derek on the other hand seems positive enough not to self talk but if he wanted he could still use this to motivate himself some more to improve certain key areas of training that needed improving. This would also help in setting himself up with competitions to use the new skills he has learned as he does not compete, this may be a starting point to motivating himself to do so. The goal setting strategy: if Gary used short and long term goals he would find that it is much easier to achieve the target he wants by doing them in stages such as goals.

This would be better and more affective on his training as he is achieving his goals he will also notice his skill and therefore motivate himself to achieve his long term goals which could be to win the next competition. Derek could also use goal setting in order to improve areas of his performance or just to improve his fitness levels such as to improve stamina, strength or just to improve his reaction time. The rewarding strategy: this strategy would be more suited to Gary because he seems dependent on rewards in order to train and give his all.

So therefore if this was used with Gary then he must be pushed in training in order to get maximum performance from him which may prove to be slightly difficult as the reward my not be sometimes enough for Gary. By doing this with Gary it is important to enforce the reward in training by letting Gary know that if he does not give his all then it will not be won and this will help to improve his performance in both training and competitions. Derek on the other hand could also use this strategy but will not be affected as much as Gary as he is not doing it for the rewards but solely for the intrinsic benefits.

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