The three advertisements

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Now I will talk about advertisement B. As you can see from the picture this advertisement it is aimed at men and women who are mainly involved in the business industry. But if you read the language at the bottom of the picture it can be for anyone because it doesn’t specify which gender it is for and this product is just a hands free mobile phone but a woman has been used because the model would look better and it is usually women who would use that product because I think women are weaker than men and don’t like the fact they have to carry around too many things.

This is all shown in the picture. I think the reader doesn’t mind reading too much about a product which is just introduced to the market because the reader usually doesn’t know anything about it. The language used is very open indirect and straight descriptive language as it explains why and how these phones are not only made for busy business people, but are for the general public. I think the slogan “challenge the limits” is meant for as a message for the reader which is challenge the limits of the thing you can hold in your hands.

The lighting on the product itself is quite well used because it makes the product stand out and the size of the product is also enlarged so it could catch the readers’ attention. The image of the woman in a suite who is coming out of a cab is actually stereotyping a business woman as she carries a laptop, a case and a newspaper which is also used to signify the message of the advert which I think is,”if you have too many things on your hand and don’t have space for the phone, then the new Samsung hands free activated SGH-600 is the phone for you”.

Now I will be analyzing the final advert which is Advert C. The fact that a model with the hairstyle of the 50’s is used, directly creates an image in my mind of typical women of the mid 19th century women who stay 24/7 cooking and cleaning at home while their men go out and bring the money. After reading the advert I was able to analyze that this advert is about a newly married couple who just moved into their new neat and complete dream house.

This couple don’t look so happy because the picture shows the wife holding a handkerchief near her face while her facial expression looks like she is crying, while her husband has his hands on his theist looking back at her over his shoulder with a face full of anger just as if she cheated on him.

This technique make the reader hungry for the story below the picture which is about 10 paragraphs long in small letters. The most important thing about the language is the Slogan “fresh fresh freshen up your home with zal”, this indicates that the target audience which in that time were housewife’s. Generally, I think This advert uses powerful and smart technique which appear to stick in the readers’ mind.

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