The Teachers in my Life as a Student

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As we know, the teacher’s tasks are the transmission of knowledge, and their main goal is to diffuse that knowledge to a person or group of people through the teaching process. I have met a lot of teachers in my life as a student. I have great memories of most of them, particularly those who taught me a lot, and from others not so much. Also, I remember those who never did anything in class, and you could pass the course only sitting there. In this paper, I will talk about those teachers who taught me not only about the assignment, but also about many other things. I classified them according to their methodologies and strategies used to teach; furthermore a brief description of how they were applied. You will be able to read about what I define discoverers, craftsmen, and finally builder teachers. All of them have something in common; they left a mark in my life.

First, I will talk about the discoverer teachers. They are defining as discoverers because they drove us to the formation of projects, and to the discovery through the investigation. They used the interaction between students as a learning strategy. In this case, most of the time work was done in groups. We choose our own topics of research related to the issues required by the program, and then we presented our results to the group. In this way the class was more enjoyable, and interesting.

The craftsmen teachers are the second group. Teachers who were characterized by having no planning in their lecture, and always emphasizing in the students autonomous activity. Craftsmen teachers were spontaneous and interactive, they used multiples methodologies dependent on the class subject. In many cases, teachers provide the students with the theme for the next class, and students were instructed to bring from home materials, items, things and everything that came out from their minds just by reading the topic name. Then, when the students had put everything together, they made the decision how to work.

The builder teachers occupy the third and last place on this classification. These teachers went beyond of the accomplishment of their programs. Their strategies passed from the conventional lecture, discourse, and dialogue, to conversations like we have been best friends the whole life. They were there not only to impart knowledge, but also they were concerned about the training, skills, attitudes, values, standards, dreams, and even in spark the concerns of their students. They paid attention to our lives in and out of school, our family, our friends, and other teachers. On many occasions we were called one by one, in a private place; so we could talk to them about our private lives, worries, likes, joys, sorrows, or just to talk about our grades. These are for me the greatest and the best teachers, builders of human beings as a universe.

In conclusion, all of them are part of a group of teacher that will never be forgotten. Teachers to whom I am grateful for all the lessons and knowledge I got. Thanks to all their strategies and methodologies because this made the learning process easier, and more enjoyable. On the other hand, I want to thank them too, because they left a mark on my life, mark that has helped me to appreciate the role they play in our lives. Finally, I consider that it is very important to recognize the work of the teachers in general, because without them the knowledge, teaching, and learning process would not be the same.

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