The Standard Moves In Gymnastics

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The most important feats that have been recognized in Olympics are the Gymnastic moves. People are keenly interested to watch the different males and female gymnasts perform even the greatly complicated moves with much ease. There are several gymnastic moves. Some of the standard ones include aerials, forward somersault, front and back handspring, Salto, and handstand.

The move in which the execution is achieved by the gymnast without touching the floor is termed as the aerial move in gymnastics. When a gymnast does a flipping movement with the help of his hands and the movement follows the legs, then this movement is described as the front handspring move while in case of the back handspring move, the only difference is that flipping movement by the gymnast is in the backward direction.

The tolling movement by the gymnast in the forward direction with the knees ensured to be tucked while performing the movement is termed as forward somersault. The only difference in case of backward somersault is that the rolling of the gymnast is in the backward direction. There is a synonym that is also used to describe the somersault movement in Gymnastics that is ‘Salto’. The movement in which the gymnast stands straight on his arms and hands and maintains his body in a completely vertical position is handstand move. In the same position, when the gymnast tries to kick his legs in forward direction and also ensures to bring up his chest, it is termed as Front walkover. The only difference that exists in Back walkover move is that the gymnast rather kicks his legs in the backward direction while maintaining a handstand position also. The use of this move is generally made on a balance beam.

The most basic move that has been identified in gymnastics is the cartwheel move. In this move, the placement of the hands by the gymnast is in the sideways direction and then the gymnast makes an attempt to propel his body while ensuring to follow his legs. Another move which is closely linked to cartwheel is the round off. The only difference is that in this move, the gymnast will ensure the incorporation of only a half twists. When the gymnast tries to keep his body bent while at the same time the knees are ensured to be kept straight, such moves are termed as Pike moves.

One of the moves that have been identified as the most painful move in gymnastics is the Split move. In this move, the gymnast is supposed to sit on the beam or the floor and he has to also ensure that one of his legs is in the forward direction while the other leg should be in the backward direction. The move in which both the legs of the gymnast are ensured to be away from each other such that a distance is tried to be maintained between them and they are placed on either side is the Straddle move.

There are yet other moves in gymnastics such as tuck, layout, hip circle, sticking, Swedish fall, Yurchenko, and others.

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