The Sixth Sense

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The twist in the tale at the end of the 6th Sense where it is revealed that Malcolm is in fact one of the ghosts Cole sees, is the most important part of the film in terms of impact the film should have on the audience. Although this should be revealed at the end, hints of Malcolm being dead should be given throughout the film. There are many effective ways that we can portray ways to shock the viewers throughout the film. In the scene Malcolm is shot, the person who shot him should act disturbed and crazy, due to the fact that he needs help from a professional psychiatrist.

He should shout at Malcolm. This will show the audience 3 things: * Malcolm feels uncomfortable being neat the ex patient. * Malcolm is vulnerable in the scene and that he has been caught off guard. * That the ex patient feels powerful over Malcolm instead of Malcolm being in charge when he was a child. Many camera shots should be used in this scene to show fear and tension. The colour red should be used a lot in this seen to show danger, murder and pain. Anna should wear a red dress in to make the scene more chilling.

After Malcolm is shot the screen should go black for a few seconds to show that time has passed since the shooting, the line ‘Next fall”‘ should appear on the screen. This will think Malcolm survived the shooting and that he has gotten on with his life. The camera shot should zoom into a black front door. Cole should walk out of the door at this point. He should seem disturbed and worried about everything around him. He should carry a pair of black glasses in his hand but without any lenses in them (the camera should show a shot of the glasses to show there are no lenses. Cole should use the glasses as a form of comforter. He should then place the glasses on and walk away from his house. He should stop every so often and look around nervously as if he is being watched. While Cole is walking Malcolm should follow Cole slowly keeping behind him at all times.

Cole should then stop all of a sudden in front of a huge church, look behind him one last time, and then run in. Malcolm should stop at the entrance. He should get out Coles ‘records’ from his bag. He should read off the chart to the camera saying things like: “From a single parent house” May have learning difficulties and may be depressed. ” Malcolm should then enter the church, we see Cole sat on one of the benches looking at a stain glass picture of Jesus Christ and also playing with solders. The camera should use many different camera shots at this point to build the spooky atmosphere. Malcolm should walk over to Cole. Cole looks at Malcolm and should say something to him in Latin. The scene should end here. This will leave the audience in suspense. Throughout the film the lack of communication between Anna and Malcolm should make the audience think that there marriage is breaking up.

One scene that we can show the marriage breaking up is the ‘Happy Anniversary’ scene, where Anna sits at the restaurant table with Malcolm’s ghost (the audience still think Malcolm is alive). She should talk to him but she should say things where Malcolm does not have to reply to such as: “The food is really nice. ” There should be people in the background (waiters, other guests), but they should also ignore Malcolm. He should not notice this at any time and neither should the audience the first time they see the film. A minor detail that could be used in the scene is when the bill has to be paid.

Malcolm should reach to get the bill but Anna should get there before him. This will also make the marriage look like it is breaking up because the audience will think that Anna is mad with Malcolm and that she does not want him to be involved in the meal one bit. Towards the end of the scene Anna should get up from the table and whisper sadly: “Happy Anniversary” This will show 2 things to the audience: * The first time the audience watches the film it will show that Malcolm and Anna’s marriage is breaking up. * But too the viewers who have scene the film before it will show that Malcolm is dead and Anna is missing him.

The camera in the restaurant scene should be behind Anna, this will show she is in the scene but when Malcolm is talking, he will be speaking to himself. Another way to show that there marriage is breaking up is to have Malcolm talk to Anna when she is upstairs and he is downstairs. There should be no reply to Malcolm’s questions. Cole and Malcolm’s relationship should grow throughout the film, one scene to show there relationship is in the ‘I see dead people’ scene. The tone of Cole’s voice throughout the film is important, but especially in this scene. In this scene Cole should whisper to show weakness and fear.

There should be a lot of different camera shots to build up tension, one good example of tension building in this scene is when Cole is about to tell Malcolm he sees dead people. Also in this scene there should be the use of lots of shadows to make the scene seem dark, depressing and spooky. Cole should wrap his bed sheets to his chest to show the drop of temperature in the room due to the fact Malcolm is dead. When Cole says the line: “I see dead People” He should not be looking directly at Malcolm. He should move his eyes to the side, so he is looking at him.

There should be scary music in the background when the line is spoken. “How often? ” Malcolm should reply in his normal speaking voice (he should seem concerned. ) Different camera shots should be used from when Cole and Malcolm start speaking in this scene due to the fact that when the audience comes to see the film a second time they can really notice the camera cuts between Malcolm and Cole(when they talk about the ghosts. ) The music in the background should start again but quieter this time. “All the time” Cole should whisper as if he was scared. The music should become louder and this point.

Malcolm and Cole should freeze at this point to build up even more tension. “Do you believe me? Cole should ask. Tell me you believe my secret. ” Malcolm should stare into Cole’s eyes; the music should get louder at this point to build up fear. Still Malcolm should be staring in Cole. The scene should end here leaving the audience at the edge of their seats. The scene should end at this point because it will make the audience wanting to find out what happens next. Also it will make them feel scared and confused. The colour red should be used in all the ghost scenes to show that it is a supernatural moment.

An example of a scene where the colour red is used is where Cole walks into the kitchen and there is a woman in there who says she is his mother. She should have bloody wrists and blood all over her skirt. There should be blood all round the kitchen (on the worktops and cupboards etc. ) This will show the audience that Cole is scared but will also bring tension to the scene and will also make it seem dramatic. The only time when the colour red should not be used when a ghost has appeared is in Malcolm’s case. If the colour red was used it would give away that Malcolm is dead early in the film and would not make the ending seem as dramatic.

All the ghosts (except Malcolm) should be bloody, scary and vicious in the first few ghost scenes, but towards the end they should act nicer and more understanding due to the fact they need Cole’s help; and that Cole has excepted that he is going to help them. When it is revealed that Malcolm is dead at the end of the film, music should be played in the background to build up the tension. The audience should see Malcolm’s wound on his back to show that it killed him. Flashbacks of the ex patient shooting Malcolm should be shown on screen at this point and a clip where Malcolm is being looked after by Anna in hospital.

Malcolm should stop breathing at this point, the flashbacks should end here. Malcolm should drop his head realising he is dead. He should go upstairs to see Anna, she should be asleep. Malcolm could whisper to Anna to show sadness, vulnerability and pain. A tear drop should fall from Malcolm’s eyes. Maybe it should freeze on his face to show the drop of temperature in the room. Or maybe there should be a thermometer in the room to show this. The camera should zoom into Malcolm’s eyes, he should blink. When his eyes shut the film should end, this will show darkness and fear and that he is alone.

Thus following that the techniques I have put in this report should, if used will ensure the twist in the tale at the end of the 6th Sense is effective, stylish and chilling; it will also have maximum effect on the audience. Audience members watching the film for the first time will be shocked and intrigued and will be shocked enough to watch the film again. The camera shots used in the film will allow second time viewers to really feel the twist in the tale and the integrity used throughout the film.

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