The role of the Account Manager

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The function of this department is to develop and maintain relationships with its business partners, the airlines, tour operators, cargo operators and industry and governing bodies. This is done at all levels, establishing links in: head offices around the world, regional offices in either the UK or Europe, local sales offices in Manchester, and with their operational teams based at the Airport. Through the gathering of market intelligence and the analysis of data and information, the Department has prepared a business plan for the development of the company that meets the needs of the shareholders, maximises the profitability of the company and is achievable and deliverable within the time frames defined.

The role of the Account Manager Each Account Manager has a number of business partners for which they are responsible. They are expected to develop and maintain that relationship and seek out opportunities for growth, in line with the business plan, whilst ensuring that partners maintain and develop their business in a profitable sustainable manner. Managers must report progress against the business plan to ensure that targets are being achieved for passenger throughput, income and revenue.

Any differences against the plan need to be evaluated and assessed as it could impact on the overall business performance. Account Managers must also keep informed on all matters relating to the business and the industry in general, as economic changes and world events can impact very quickly on people’s decision to fly, which in turn can impact upon the airlines’ decision to operate and then on the Airport’s ability to generate revenue and to meet target.

How do they help meet the business objectives? Each of the departments have there own objectives that they must complete to help get the aim they want. Specialisation is used in each department, they specialise in a certain areas meaning that there is no waste resources and no wasted time therefore this will make the business more efficient. Role Culture – Power, authority and respect is obtained via the individual’s position or role in the company hierarchy Manchester Airport has a role culture because everyone in the business has and knows their place in the hierarchy. They also know how much influence they have on the every day running of it Dynamic/innovative culture – Energetic, enthusiastic employees and management, not afraid to venture into unknown technological and market areas. A lot of status is afforded to new development.

Manchester Airport has the Dynamic/innovative culture because they are constantly bringing new technology into the business such as the Flight Information Display System (FIDS) these are boards that are in Manchester Airport change every few seconds showing when the flights are due and when the passengers need to move to the departure lounge. Manchester Airport has also now introduced a new business passengers desk where they can sign in as soon as they get there with no hassle this is an easier way for the passengers travelling business class to make the whole process transaction a lot smoother and quicker. Also Manchester Airport has new text message service where they can text the passenger when the check in opens.

Power Culture – A Centralised firm, with the power and control exerted by a strong senior management team directing operations. Manchester Airport use it because they wouldn’t be able to operate, as a business it would be too dangerous because if they didn’t have the centralised control the business would to pieces and lack of communication may cause a lot of accidents. Risk averse culture – Employees and management are naturally suspicious of change and undertake careful planning before making decisions. Manchester Airport has a risk averse culture because they analyse everything that has to be changed carefully to see how it would affect the other workers in the Airport and get views from a few of the employees to find out if things need to be changed in that designated area.

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