The Ring of Light

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Hello, my name is Luke; I will be your narrator throughout this story. I know the characters intimately and will introduce you to them when they come along. Brace yourself for I am going to take you through an enchanted and magical but then also evil story about a young man’s adventure through a mystical world. So sit back and make yourself comfortable. A well-built young man stood in the doorway of a small thatched cottage, ‘Has anyone seen Wilfred? Mum? ‘ His mother was a plump woman with dark hair and blue eyes.

She was sitting in a large armchair reading a book entitled ‘Does the Ring of Light Really Exist? ‘ ‘No, sorry Danny dear, I haven’t been out today. I’m not feeling too good, maybe your father has. ‘ ‘Mum why do you read such nonsense? ‘ Asked Danny, ‘Its not nonsense dear, I’m just… ‘ ‘Expanding your mind, yes I know, you say that about every book you read but you know I’m right. ‘ Danny said this in a frustrated tone but his mother didn’t seem to be listening so he walked back out of the door.

Now in the light you could see Danny was a tall handsome young man, long dark hair the same as his mothers in a ponytail and the most brilliant green eyes you could ever imagine, he had a broad-sword hanging from his waist, a quiver of arrows on his back and a bow in his hand. ‘Father. ‘ He yelled, ‘Yeh? ‘ came a reply from a rather large barn stood on the edge of a field. ‘Have you seen Wilfred? ‘ He asked, ‘No, and why don’t ya stop wastin’ time with that stupid hoarse and help me for once, there are a million jobs that need doin’ and you ain’t doin’ none of ’em.

By the time he had finished the sentence Danny was already half way across the field heading to the forest. He eventually arrived back at the barn where he found Wilfred grazing quite merrily beside the barn; Danny was just about to lose his temper when he noticed a large plume of smoke rising from the cottage. He ran, but half way there he could see to bodies next to each other burning, red flesh clinging onto charred black bones.

He fell to his knees, tears filling his eyes, then, suddenly he heard a noise coming from the barn, he smashed down the door and looked up just in time to dodge an axe that came at him at a tremendous speed, it hit the door only a few inches away from Danny’s head. Then he saw what had thrown it. It was about four foot tall, green skin, blood red eyes and very sharp teeth. A goblin stood in front of Danny grinning; Danny drew his sword and dived at it but it shot off out of the barn and was speeding towards the forest. Danny drew an arrow, aimed at the goblin and fired, it hit the goblin in the shoulder.

It fell over yelling in pain but got up and started running again. Within a few seconds it had vanished into the forest. The next day started early for Danny, first burying what was left of his parents and then collecting some supplies. Danny wasn’t going to stay and rebuild the farm, he was going on an adventure, what he had always dreamed of, but he wasn’t excited, he was angry, he was going to get revenge on those who killed his parents, he was determined. At about midday he left for the forest on Wilfred. She was a beautiful black mare with white hooves and moved as if she were royalty.

He rode for a whole day deep into the forest until night came, found a clearing where he made camp. He had a hard night, he kept on hearing sounds around him, an owl hooting, a twig breaking or even a whisper that he thought was the wind but it sounded too familiar it couldn’t possibly be the wind, he could hear words, ‘Is it really him? No? It looks like him, it is him. ‘ Danny blamed this on his imagination playing tricks on him but he wasn’t sure. The next day Danny rose about midday because of the restless night he had had. He kept on riding east in hope of finding a town or village where he could eat and drink but it didn’t come.

Nightfall came and Danny tried to sleep again but this time there was something around him, he could feel it. He grabbed his sword and shot up out of bed. The noises had vanished, complete and utter silence surrounded him, but suddenly he heard deafening shouts from every direction then a net incapacitated him. He could not move for it was so tight around his arms and legs. He felt a very sharp pain in the back of his head and then nothing, into a deep sleep he fell; something or someone had captured him and he was powerless to free himself. He awoke to a large crowd of elves.

Elves are about six inches tall and renown for their troublesome behaviour. Danny had ended up in an elfish town and this was not good news for him, or so he thought. He was treated exceedingly well, he had nice chambers and as soon as he awoke was whisked away to a giant feast where he seemed to be the guest of honour. This was very surprising as the stories that Danny had heard about elves were not very good and this made him very suspicious. Something was wrong but Danny couldn’t imagine what it was. Then he heard voices in the streets outside his window, something was happening.

He saw small objects moving through the air, fairies, in their hundreds. But this confused Danny even more. Fairies did not ever meet with elves; elves were considered vermin by the fairies. They were just passing by Danny’s window when all of a sudden they stopped. One came out from the crowed and rested itself on Danny’s windowsill; fairies were basically elves but with beautifully delicate wings, she had a crown on her head and appeared to be the Queen.

Danny knelt down and looked at it curiously, ‘I am hevenia. I am the Queen of the fairies. She said this in a magical and mysterious tone of voice, almost as if she was standing in a room of echoes. ‘I am… ‘Danny started but was interrupted, ‘I know who you are, you are Danny, the one chosen and sent to us by the Ring of Light. ‘ As soon as she had finished the sentence all the elves and fairies started talking in a light mumble. ‘Sorry? ‘ Danny asked becoming more and more confused by the second. ‘We must hurry, you must start your training if you are to destroy evil, there is no time to spare. ‘ She said, not noticing Danny’s question.

A large box appeared out side the window; it had two chairs inside of it and around twenty fairies holding it up in the air. The Queen gestured for him to get into it so he did, she joined him, ‘I feel that you have many questions to ask, save them until I have finished the story. About twenty-five years ago this land was a happy one; everything was in perfect balance until he was born. ‘ ‘He? Whose he? ‘ Danny asked, ‘He is the Prince of Darkness, the only one more evil than him is the Devil himself or maybe even the Devil isn’t so evil, but anyway he has great magical power and only uses it for evil.

The reason we are still here is because of the Ring of Light, it protects us from him and his dark ways, but he is growing more powerful everyday and soon even the Ring of Light won’t be able to protect us; but, there is one that is more powerful than him, yes that’s right, its you. ‘ Danny was a bit shocked about what the Queen just said, ‘But how could it be me, I know no magic, I haven’t a magical bone in my body and why do you hate him so much, what has he done? ‘ ‘He thrives on death, where there is light he brings dark

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