The recommendations for a business organisation

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For someone’s business to work online, I would advise them to make sure that there are a lot of issues to be aware of and addressed immediately. For the first issue they have to make sure that there are security issues in place so that they can be sure that the business doesnt lose any valuable information such as a customer’s credit/debit card details and their personal details about their name, address, telephone number etc. You must have security in place for this is I.e have a secret question that relates personally to the customer and would know the correct answer to. This applies obviously to the customers who are regular visitors to the website.

The other issue that is important is hacking and viruses. The website owner should make sure that the company has top quality anti-virus software in place. This is because it can stop viruses from getting to the website and making it stop at random times and cause the website to freeze for quite some time. There are other planning issues such as the design of the website itself. I would recommend that the website is bright and vibrant. This gives the website a homely feel but I would recommend the website to be limited with bright colours because it may cause the loading of the website to take some time and therefore become very slow in most cases. It also makes the customer grow increasingly frustrated with the site being loaded up and they may want to move onto another site. The business that is online will therefore lose a large amount of customers because of this.

The website should have a catchy advertisement that will attract potential customers to the business. The website owner can achieve this by having advertisements on search engines such as “Google”, “Ask”, “Dogpile” etc. When the customer types in the name of the business they can then have a good chance of getting onto the website. The website owner could perhaps have the website made top of the list on a search engine but this is based on how many people view the website on a daily/weekly basis. This is also a fantastic way of advertising your business.

I would also recommend that the website owner should spend time researching and planning which courier company to be associated with to have your products delivered. They should make sure that it is a well known company and has a reputation for being a decent considerate company which doesn’t just dump a product on someone’s doorstep with no notice ahead of delivery. They should make sure that it is a company that makes sure that a delivery driver will be on hand to recover the product if it is deemed to be faulty or not delivered properly and then taken back to the courier, then a note is left with the customer explaining that their product will be located at the couriers office or a local post office nearby.

The next recommendation that I would make is that the website owner should have a customer services department on the website that deals with any complaints that come in. I believe that this is a main priority as if the customer has a feeling that there is nobody to talk to in person or via email, they may feel cheated out of the money that they parted with and spent on whatever the product was that they intended to purchase for whatever reason it happens to be.

The next recommendation that I think is up for mentioning is the money and buying system that is on the website that is being implementated. This should include a credit and debit card payment service that should be done by a service called “PayPal” or any other similar way of payment that is available. The last issue that I am going to talk about is the ICT on the website. The ICT qualified technicians should make sure that there are always constant checks made on the website. They should make sure that there is nothing wrong with the website and I recommend that there should be a full maintenance check that happens often.

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