The Recap: Indian Innovator Awards 2015

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On the occasion of the second annual Indian Innovator Awards, Entrepreneur of the Year, BNC Publishing as part of the Entrepreneur MENA franchise, awarded individuals across multiple categories on December 7, 2015 at Jumeirah Golf Estates in Dubai, UAE. The relevant award winners have established themselves as clear industry innovators who have made significant contributions to Middle East business arena, and set the benchmark for corporations operating across the region.

A total of 19 awards were presented, with all of the winners having set themselves apart from their peers in the region by showcasing a commitment to excellence and thereby raising the bar of their respective industries. Speaking on behalf of Entrepreneur, Wissam Younane, Director, BNC Publishing, began by thanking the evening’s Guest of Honor, Consul General of India Anurag Bhushan, for his support. Younane followed his initial greeting by welcoming award winning Indian singer K. S. Chithra together with Indian actress Saritha to the event as esteemed guests of the awards.

Organized by Entrepreneur MENA, the 2015 Indian Innovator Awards recognized and honored enterprise leaders and individuals who have distinguished themselves and shown sector significance and outstanding business conduct across a variety of industries that are key drivers of respective Middle East’s economies. On behalf of the Indian Consulate, the Consul General of India, Anurag Bhushan presented the awards to the 2015 Indian Innovator award winners. The Consul General also discussed the increasing enterprise strength of the award winners, and the importance of the Indian business community to the UAE as a whole, lauding the powerful and warm relationship between the UAE and India.

The Indian Innovator Awards, Entrepreneur of the Year, seeks to acknowledge agility across a variety of industries including luxury, healthcare, construction, hospitality, education, banking, and communications, amongst other key drivers of the Middle East’s economy. In closing, Younane congratulated the award winners and thanked them for their continued support of Entrepreneur operations in MENA, counting them as some of “our most valued friends of the brand,” and promising to maintain the relationships for many years to come.

Responsible Leadership Dawood Bin Ozair
Thought Leadership
Education Innovation Thumbay Moideen
Contribution To Business Dilip Rahulan
Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Development Yogesh Mehta
Communications Innovation
Luxury Entrepreneur Of The Year
Market Specialization Innovation
Industrial Innovation Bharat Bhatia
Supply Innovation Riaz Khimani
Logistics Innovation Abhishek Shah
Construction Innovation Faizal Kottikollon
Fastest Growth Kaushik Soni
Sustainability Innovation Dhilip Kumar
Real Estate Innovation Rizwan Sajan
Healthcare Innovation
Legal Innovation Ashish Mehta
Finance Innovation
Banking Innovation

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