The purpose of the management report

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The purpose of the management report is to explain how important communication technologies are within an organisation. ICT is an extremely useful way to communicate to all members of staff and extremely useful to pass information throughout a business. Information and communication is extremely in all organisations because communication allows management to talk to staff throughout all the levels of the organisation e. g. strategic, tactical and operational.

Allowing this to happen could help make the company run more efficiently by all the employees communicating more and confirmation on tasks work run smother. Communication in an organisation means it would run more efficiently as everyone knows what task to complete. In an organisation information serves as the key to success, in an organisation if there was no information the staff wouldn’t know when they get off for holidays or what there certain tasks are for the day.

Without information is an organisation it would fall apart as the staff wouldn’t know of what projects or task are needed to be completed, information helps it to be more efficient and run smoothly. When information is being passed through an organisation through the hierarchical management structure it has to be clear or it may become messed up or corrupt without proper hardware or if they have messengers there may be too many of them passing on information.

If the manager of the organisation held a meeting he could communicate with some of the high up people e. g. mangers to point the staff in the right direction. Information in the organisation can be sent by email, memos and telephone calls etc. as these systems are very good emailing would be fastest and accurate as you receive them instantly and they can be sent to multiple people at once, this would save time and would prove more efficient. There is two different ways in which information can be sent through an organisation formal and informal.

Informal information is information which is unaddressed such as a phone call or meeting in a room it is usually used in personal conversation within a family or with friends it is used in an organisation for employees to socialise. Formal information can be a memo or a letter they are usually sent from higher management down to employees and the other way about it allows the communicator to include all information needed to be shared it also gives them time to include all relevant details however it mat be misunderstood, also can be used between peers in the organisation.

The Data Protection Act is a crucial part of any organisation it was put in place in 1998; it is the storage of personal information on computers. It has eight principals e. g. personal data should be used for the specified purpose only, personal data should be personal and up to date and then it has 3 key people data subject, data controller and data commissioner. The companies use it because it stops them from being prosecuted.

Organisations use the internet to do research as it goes out across the globe as the can use search engines and everything they do isn’t private and its imperative for communication as they can use emails and send them globally, then the use the intranet because it’s a network inside the company which only employees can access and so people couldn’t find out confidential details which they have e. g. personal details. Web presence is defined as being the appearance of an organisation on the World Wide Web.

The amount of web presence can be measured in the amount of sites an organisation has, it can include their own website and their sites search engine ranking etc. E-commerce is when you sell a product or service over the internet it is associated with online transaction process, automated data collection systems and lots more this can help small businesses bring in more money. The intranet is used to aid communication by sending emails and communicating with clients over multiple networks so you can stay in touch easier and the intranet can aid communication by means of bulletin boards and messaging facilities.

Investing money in internet technology because there is emerging markets which can prove an advantage for customers and business by being able to purchase products from online websites which could be bought globally also niche areas would be a good investment because there would be new emerging products which could prove to have substantial benefits like shares in social networking websites e. g. face-book.

There are some security risks when buying of the internet but company’s like PayPal are secure to use as they don’t realise your details to the buyer and if the product comes and was issued as false advertisement there is ways in which you can get your money back. If you have an old browsers hackers may be able to get into your computer system and retrieve your details that’s why you should keep your browser up to date.

Also proper training should be supplied to all employees who work with peoples personal details because they may delete or send something which is fully confidential due to lack of training e. g. the play station three error where hackers retrieved peoples account details due to human error. The intentions of this management report is to evaluate, compare and contrast the different documents that have been collected, e. g. (two online forms from the Hilton and Travelodge), (two application forms which are and Irish and British passports) and (two Bills house rates and power NI ).

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