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Personal development plans (PDPs) help people evaluate and improve their skills and weaknesses and help them plan for their career and personal life (Cottrell, 2005). PDPs benefit professional life by showing us ways to improve our skills and the characteristics needed in the career we have chosen. There are plenty of sources explaining ways to overcome procrastination. The first step to curing procrastination is realizing that I am delaying something pointlessly and then finding out the reason for the hold up after that figure out a way to overcome it and start my task.

When doing the task divide it into small portions. Each of it to be done in a particular time so that I can keep track of the progress I have made and reward myself when I have completed a portion so that it would keep me motivated to complete the job and not give up. In addition to this, I could also advertise to others about what I am about to accomplish so that peer pressure would move me forward. I can also read books written by good authors such as Cottrell, Holton on how to improve my skills and attend lectures on these topics.

Conclusion In order to have a successful career which would secure a good life it is very important to choose a career before graduating and it is equally important to make sure it suits your personality. Furthermore it is essential to find out your strengths in relevance to the career you have chosen and also the weaknesses. During the college years you have to mould yourself to own the characteristics required by the job.

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