The Powers of Meth

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Meth abuse is common in many countries. Meth has become a very large problem right here in the low country. Lots of money is spent to rehabilitate addicts, to stop drugs from coming into the US and to stop drug related crime. Meth destroys lots of families; however the power of knowing what this drug can do has the possibility of stopping people from even trying it. Meth can cause extreme difficulties and problems for the addict’s family and friends. When a person is on meth it is very noticeable.

A person’s facial features and demeanor change drastically when on this horrific drug. Meth addiction makes it hard for a person to be normal in society. Addicts neglect their families, and eventually end up in expensive rehabilitation facilities, in jail or even dead. The second effect from meth is the laws people break to get high. A lot of police resources are needed to fight the making and selling of meth. Every time the news comes on somebody is getting busted for a meth lab or there are houses blowing up from a meth lab.

Once somebody is hooked on meth they lie, steal, and cheat to get their next fix. Meth affects people of all ages, no matter what age it is very addictive. Drug dealers do not care how old you are, as long as they get paid. Meth even affects the unborn. Mothers that are on meth while pregnant damage their children mentally and can cause death. Children born addicted to meth have to be given methadone to help them withdraw from this horrible drug. However, the problem of meth can be fought. Education is the first battle.

Parents and teachers need to educate children at home and school. It is very important to educate our children on this dangerous drug. There should be classes to teach children about meth and the effect that it has not only on the person doing them but their family and everybody around them. Parents should sit down and talk to their children more. Parents also need to be very involved in where there child goes and who they are with at all times. There should also be more advertisement of the effects of meth.

If there were more advertisement people might realize what a negative effect the drug can have on their life before they think about trying it. Meth labs cannot always be obvious, but you can look out for strong chemical smells coming from your neighbor’s house. It is best to call the police to get it checked out. As the saying is “Better safe than sorry”. A meth lab can also be in a car which would be a mobile meth lab. These kinds of labs are harder to spot as they are mobile and usually are only busted by accident.

There should be greater punishments put in place for repeat offenders. Meth addicts are not always bad people; they just have a habit they need to admit, so they can get help. Some addicts cannot afford rehab so they continue using and stealing to get by. Meth causes people to lose their jobs, family and friends; because they just focus on how and when they will get high again. Although the problems of meth seem impossible to get rid of education and parental guidance can put a dent in the meth industry. The dangerous effect of meth is too great to ignore for us and our children.

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