The POS system

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The POS system also works out the total day. s takings and tells the stores when the amount of money they have taken does not match the number of sales they have had that day. This gives the managers a chance to find the error/loss before it gets reported to head office. Head office also uses the POS system to send information about price changes and promotions to the stores. This ensures that prices do not vary from store to store and all Boots stores have the same promotions running at the same time.

It also uses the system to send other important messages/information to the stores. Advantage Card Boots needs to know as much as possible about its customers. likes and dislikes so that it can provide the products and services they want. The Boots Advantage Card scheme is a good way of doing this. It is a loyalty card scheme that gives customers rewards and treats for shopping at Boots and gives Boots lots of information about its customers. Almost 14 million people are members of the scheme. They get 4 points for every pound they spend on products or services in any Boots store or on the internet.

Points can be spent on anything which has an asterisk on the shelf price ticket. You need 569 points to pay for something that costs i?? 5. 69. In most stores there is an Advantage Point machine which gives members information about promotions and extra points. Once they have inserted their Advantage Card into the machine, they can browse through the special offers and choose what they are interested in buying. The machine prints out vouchers for them to use with their card. There is also an Advantage Card website giving information about offers and promotions.

Every time a member uses the card to have points added or to use points to pay for something, details of what they have bought, when and where are captured and stored in a database. ICT is used to analyze this information to find out more about customer preferences and shopping habits. This information is needed to make marketing more effective and to ensure that the products and services offered in Boots stores are what the customer wants.

Conclusion After careful consideration I have come to the conclusion that ICT plays a vital part in the way Boots functions. Without it jobs would take longer to complete and certain things might not be done to such a high standard. With all the information needed at just a click away on a computer screen, the company is able to respond more quickly to sales trends and to plan ahead. Computers are also more accurate than humans. The Boots. ICT system provides a central point of information that all employees of the company can access, making life easier as they do not have to go to another area of the Boots. site to find information that they are looking for.

However, despite the positive effects of using ICT, there are still drawbacks. Even though using computers will mean fewer employees being hired, it also means that the company needs to buy expensive hardware and software. ICT can also lower staff morale, as some people might be scared of being replaced by a computer or might not be keen on having to use the new equipment. Despite these drawbacks, I still believe that ICT is a valuable part of Boots. Without ICT, the company would not be able to function as efficiently or compete so successfully, resulting in less profit.

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