The Playing Field In Softball

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There is a well defined playing field in the game of softball. The division of the playing field is into two territories: a foul territory and a fair territory. The division of the fair territory is into the outfield, the infield and also the territory that exists behind the fence of the outfield.

There are foul lines used to define the field. These foul lines meet at a junction called the home plate. Depending upon the classification of the play, there may be a variation in the length of the baselines. The limit of the field is generally defined by the fence that runs between the baselines. The distance between this fence from difference points and the home plate is equal. Backstop is behind the home plate. The condition of distance is that the backstop should be at a distance of 25 to 30 feet behind the home plate. However, the exact distance will actually depend upon the division type involved.

One corner of the diamond is formed by the home plate and the bases are present at each of the corners. The other bases that exist apart from the home plate are made up of either canvas or any such similar material. There is a secure fastening of these bases to the ground. There is a counter clockwise numbering ensured for all the bases and the type of names that are given are first base, second base and third base, etc. In most of the cases, there is also a presence of a contrast-colored ‘double base’ or ‘safety base’ which is generally present outside the first base. It is also found adjacent to the first base and it is often connected to it. The role played by this base is that it is helpful in preventing the first baseman and the runner.

Safety bases may not be found in all the softball diamonds and they have been found to be more common in case of softball games involving women. The ISF championships generally involve the presence of a double base in the playing field of softball.

The diamond and its adjacent space are generally present in the infield which is actually the area where the different infielders play. The remaining space is referred to as the outfield. This can be described as the space that exists between the baselines and also the space that exists between the fence of the outfield and the infield. In most regulation competitions, the infield would be generally skinned in nature while there will be grass present in the outfield.

The pitching plate is generally present near the center of the diamond. There is a pitching circle that is present in the fast pitch. It is generally around the pitching plate and it is normally skinned in nature. The diameter of this skinned circle is gene rally equivalent to 16 feet. As per the official requirements, the playing field is also required to have a warning track. However, a warning track may not be required if the field is actually larger in size than the required size.

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