The other sports are just sports

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Life is like a baseball game. When you think a fastball is coming, You have to be ready to hit the curve. Baseball is the only sport that allows me to do what I love, escape reality, fear nothing and play with all my heart. Baseball is not a sport that is leisure time or allows you to eat seeds, blow bubbles gum and lounge around. It is a game full of surprises, hard working athletes putting it on the line every game, and it is also a strategical thought process that you learn throughout your years of playing. Baseball is the greatest sport to ever be made.

Baseball is when I step onto that field and the whole point of the sport moves from being fun to a competitive fight through seven grueling innings. The smell of the pine tar on my hands fills my nostrils with excitement as I walk up to that plate holding this 32 inch long, 29 ounce aluminum-carbon bat in my hand. As I dig into the ground with my long metal cleats I take a look at the pitcher with my eyes of courage and eagerness. Baseball is the moment I get the pitch from the opposing pitcher as I watch the baseball all the way into the bat.

As my adrenaline pumps out of control, I take off towards first base and as I round first base I take a look at the baseball dropping in between the left fielder and the center fielder and roll past them. That is when I keep sprinting on my way towards second base, and that is when I take a bigger and faster corner at second I hear from the outfield “Cut Three, Cut Three! ” on my way to third base. I felt the speed increase as the sand was being disrupted underneath my cleats. I knew that the left fielder had already threw the ball to the cutoff and I didn’t know if I was going to make it or not.

The play was going to be a close call to the umpire who was standing right over the third base. I was now 2 feet away and I slide legs first into the base as the third baseman tagged me on the shoulder, and when I heard the umpire bellow out “SAFE! “. And I stood up on the base seeing my teammates jumping up and down, screaming great compliments to me. And that is when I realize how baseball is not just a sport, it is the tingly feeling down your spine when you get that hard to get triple as I did. Baseball is when I see my grandpa who was dying of prostate cancer at my State Championship Game.

As he raised his arms up and cheered my name as I stood on second base glaring at him as he celebrated after I had hit a ground-rule double (a ball that bounced over the fence in Centerfield). Moments in baseball stay with me forever no matter if I win or lose. Baseball is what happens when the teammates on the field with me cheering me on as I am pitching to a kid that has 2 strikes on him and they are looking for me to strike him out. It is the feeling of camaraderie of all the players playing together for a win or for a one special moment.

Baseball is a whole lot of slumps and streaks, ups and downs. But in the end it is how my team and I can pick each other up and comeback in the bottom of the seventh inning when we are down by three runs, to win the game by two runs. That is a special bond between the players and the coaches. When I wake up on that clear sunny Saturday morning with not a cloud in sight, I see my baseball still sitting on my bed with me for good luck. I pack up my clothes and equipment and say goodbye to my parents as I run outside to my car where I drive to that baseball field of dreams.

When I arrive that’s when I see the rest of my team waiting for each player to arrive and they are talking about the big tournament that we will be playing in today. Baseball is the fresh dew that you have to wipe off you pants and shoes as my teammates and I get down stretching together. As we warm up all our arms and get done stretching, the coaches yell out to us the lineup for today’s first game. Baseball is the feeling of knowing that I belong to a group that encourages me to do better each day. And when the last game of each season is done, baseball is the best time of the summer that I spent with my friends doing what I love.

The end of the year party is one thing to look forward too because I get to see all my teammates one last time before we go our separate ways. Baseball is the . 423 batting average I have on that statistic sheet I get at the end of the year. Baseball is a time when I everyone comes together for that one thing that everyone likes to have at the end of the night, which is another win in the left hand column. And last but not least baseball is where I am sitting in the middle of September in football practice after school, just wishing baseball was here now.

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