The only one

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She smiled. That was the last time she saw him, the last time shell ever get to feel his soft skin, his silky hair and the last time shell ever see into those sea blue eyes. She walked away with the memories still rattling away in her mind, she’ll never forget. He was the only one for her, the only one that understood what was going on behind that smile. Now he’s gone, no longer there for her to talk to. “Why now” she said to herself softly. “Why me? ” is the words that she kept repeating to herself, she’ll never live trough it.

Well, not without him that is. Florence didn’t contemplate that it was not just her she needed to think about. Her boyfriend, her bestfriend. Just died and it seemed as if it meant nothing. Just another day gone by. It seemed as if it didn’t occur to her. “He’s gone forever”, said Flo’s dad John. She didn’t want to think in that way. She pretended he walked out on her, “he’ll be back someday, I know it” is what she said. He didn’t get a chance, Theo Left the world without knowing where there relationship was going to end up.

When he was angry she was the one that calmed him down and when the times came when he felt he couldn’t do it anymore she was the one that made him realise there was a reason to stay strong. Her, his Florence. As he sat in the hospital bed Theo knew that he wasn’t going to be there for long, the argument should have never happened the day before. They paced along the green holding hands. They stopped, Theo taking his coat of and laying it on the muddy grass. They watched the sun set as it got darker. Time passed quickly. But now Florence wished it went quicker.

Only then did she realise Stephen her Ex would walk by. He saw her instantly. “You haven’t changed one bit baby. ” “Baby!? ” shouted Florence “you think you can walk into my life that quickly, this is why I ended it Stephen, don’t play these games all over again”. At this moment Flo realised she shouldn’t have, there was no reason to end their relationship, it was strong as ever. But she couldn’t do this to Theo Now. He’s her bestfriend her everything. “Leave now Stephen” is what she said. He didn’t reply just walked away still looking back. Theo was relieved; he knew she wasn’t going to do anything to hurt him.

He grabbed her hand yet again, and leaned in closing his eyes. “I can’t do this” Florence whispered and ran off. Theo’s emotions were all over the place. He thought he knew her but obviously he didn’t. Seeing a person from the past can change everything. He left the green on his own, but it had never been like that the always left together. It was weird. Theo got home and as soon as he did he searched his drawers for his mobile. He had Florence on speed dial. And as you could guess she was number one there was no one else that mattered as much as she did. Florence’s mobile vibrated.

She took one look and her eyes turned away. She had the urge to pick it up. But she didn’t. She didn’t know what to say to him. Why did she run off, she couldn’t lie to him? Her feelings for Stephen weren’t gone just yet. Theo left it, all night he pondered about what he should do, should he just forget about it all or confront her. Tears ran slowly down his cheek, this girl wasn’t just someone he wanted to forget, he knew she was the one and wasn’t going to let her go this quickly. As for Florence she tried to forget and went to bed without knowing that something awful was going to happen the next morning.

Theo woke up 7:00am sharp. He had a reason; he was going to see the girl he loved but he felt as if he shouldn’t. Some part of him craved for her. Maybe it was the first time they met, or the way her eyes lit up when she walked with him. Maybe it could have even been the way she teased him, about everything and nothing, or the way she always insisted on wearing something new every time, or the way she always plaited her hair in someway. It could have been her smile, or the way she held his hand when they were together, or the way she called his name when she was scared.

It could have been anything; but nothing could make him let go. He loved her, but he couldn’t say it. He saw the look on her face when they had been made to say their goodbyes. The pain in her eyes, the sadness written into every line of her face. Every time, he got attached, it always ended badly. Although he craved for company, not just any, but hers. He could just picture her standing next to him, rattling on about something, he might hardly notice, but he enjoyed every word of her nonsense. He promised to keep her safe, and that is what he would do, even if it meant tearing the universe in half.

He asked his dad to drop him round Florence’s that morning. But it was the biggest mistake he had made. He jumped into the passenger seat. Theo’s Dad turned the key and the engine started. He pushed the pedal and changed into 3rd gear. They were off, the journey started. A few miles down the road Theo’s dad spotted a car going at a ridiculous speed, He slowed down but as he did the car in front jilted and rapidly stopped. He tried to do the same but there was no way the car was going to. There car diminished into the one in front. As it did, Theo shifted out of the passenger seat and into the wind screen.

Blood pouring out of every possible vessel. Theo’s dad was in the clear he wasn’t stupid enough to leave the seat belt hanging. But nor was Theo it wasn’t because he didn’t want to, it was because he forgot; his mind was focused on seeing Florence again. Theo was rushed to hospital, accident and emergency. Florence arrived soon after; He held her close to his chest, not wanting to let her go, never again. She was the only one. They both embraced, the world moving around them. The whole universe didn’t matter, all but one thing, which should have been clear all along.

He brushed his hand across her face, holding her head in his hand, feeling her hair in his fingers. She closed her eyes, pulling one hand up to hold his hand to her face. She opened her eyes, and they looked at each other, they didn’t say anything. But yet they both understood. “I love you,” he whispered into her ear. She squeezed his hand and held him closer, his hearts beating with hers. “I love you too,” she whispered back, she wanted to relive there relationship all over again. Erase what went wrong so she could spent the rest of her time with the one the only one.

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