The objectives of Cadbury Trebor Bassett

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Businesses set themselves objectives; they are used as a starting point for decision-making. They also affect the ways that the business operates, they state in general terms what the company wants to be able to achieve in the long-term. The reasons why business have objectives is because,Growth earnings per share by 10% each year” – Cadbury Schweppes governing objective remains growth in value for its shareowners.

Since the introduction of Managing for Value in 1996, average 10%+ earnings per share targets have been achieved, although restructuring charges slightly diluted 1999 results, and free cash flow has exceeded i?? 150 million annually, significantly in 1999. “Increase market shares” – Cadburys have found many ways to increase their market shares. They have brought a new American drinks company called “Snapple” and have also started to invest in to health care products “Halls” which is the leading global sugar confectionary brand and the number one medicated confectionary.

Cadbury already has 30% of the market shares, nearly a third of the whole market. Growth” – Growth is an important feature within a company especially Cadbury’s. Cadbury’s have recently been given a five-year contract to fill all the vending machines in colleges, school’s and university’s in New York with their products. They will sell exclusively Cadbury Schweppes’ range Snapple fruit juices and water. This follows a decision by New York City to make available healthier beverage choices. The competitors were Coca-Cola and PepsiCo. This will help increase market shares.

“Highly motivated staff” – Cadbury believes that working together captures the great importance that they place on the role of their colleagues, the respect that they have for the contribution they make to the business, and how well they work together as an organisation. Cadbury Schweppes employs thousands of dedicated people around the world who contribute to their success and they recognise this by encouraging initiative, investing in personal development, providing equal opportunities and rewarding performance, all with a healthy and safe working environment.

“Profit” – This is an important objective as there would be no point in running a business if a profit were not being made. There are many ways that Cadbury Schweppes are trying to make a higher profit. They have invested in to “Snapple” which is a healthy fruit juice and they have also invested in to medicated confectionary. “Working together to create brands people love” – This is one of Cadbury’s main objectives.

It reinforces their beliefs that their people, through engagement with other stakeholders, create value for their business. If the company employees pull together the business will be more successful. “Survive” – A business needs to keep original customers as well as trying to attract new customers. They often need to re-design products packaging, or design new products to keep up with competitors. If all of above happen in a business, the business will survive.

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