The Most Effective Advert 

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Remix of I don’t wanna get burned (again) If you leave me on the shelf (I’ll end up with someone else). Underneath this text is a single line using yellow, red and white lettering, plus different formats of writing, upper and lower case: OUT NOW ON Kellogg’s Catch them while they’re hot. They use easy to read language, very positive towards the product except for one sentence, which says “remix of I don’t wanna get burned (again)”. This, I believe, is Kellogg’s apologising for burns caused to purchasers of Pop Tarts when they were first released. All of the singles are made up to try and sell Pop Tarts.

All of the song titles relate to the product Pop Tarts in their own way. “Warm filling” could be the title of a modern record but also describes a Pop Tart. All of the titles have this type of twist to them, which makes the advert humorous. Therefore people will buy this product because they can relate to it. The image of this product is: it is a quick, easy to eat, modern snack food. This advert is advertising Nestle KitKat. It’s a chocolate bar with a wafer centre. The photograph in the centre of the advert is a computer console controller with many arrows coming off it with different text at the end of each one. The colours are all quite bright; the arrows are in red; the controller is in grey, red, blue and yellow. The background is beige.

The target audience for this advert is about 5-20. I can tell this because the computer controller is a new, modern invention. Therefore they are advertising to a smaller range of people than my other adverts because it may be harder for people without a computer console to understand. The advert uses the slogan “Have a break”. They are telling us to have a break and eat a KitKat. On this advert there is a lot of text spread out all over the A4 sheet of paper. (To write out all of the text would take me for ever so please look at the advert to understand.) Each piece of text has an arrow going to the controller. All of the text is black. The shapes representing buttons on the controller are correspondent to their own colour. An example of what I am describing is “Thunderbolt A + B”. All of the texts are different types of attack for a beat’em-up computer game. At the very bottom of the page is a red band with the words “Have a break” and then the KitKat logo.

The language used is very basic – most 8 year olds and above could read it. The text itself means nothing, you have to think about it. The idea is that someone is trying to memorise all of the moves that are on the page, and that is very stressful. Nestle are saying ‘Have a break’ by eating a KitKat. The U.S.P is the name KitKat because it is the famous chocolate bar from Nestle. Also it is a light snack that can be eaten during a break; more to the point, you should have a break just to eat a KitKat.

The overall image of the advert is high quality. It advertises KitKat well because the new computer controller was the thing that drew me to the advert because I have a computer console machine and I could therefore relate to the advert. Unfortunately, if I did not own a computer console I would not have noticed it as quickly. The Most Effective Advert I believe the most effective advert was Sprite because I feel that people will like the humour that it captured. The colours used were complimentary which makes the advert look interesting; the colours also catch the eye. The Sprite poring out of the bottle and the moisture on the outside of the bottle make you feel thirsty just looking at the advert. The name Sprite also helps because it’s a fashionable well-known name.

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