The Most Common Jujutsu Techniques

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Jujutsu practitioners regard their art primarily as a set of self-defense techniques. It’s not about dealing pain, breaking bones, or killing opponents. These have always been options, but only as last resorts. For the most part, jujutsu is about neutralizing assailants—bringing them down, rendering them unable to fight, and giving them the chance to surrender.

As a result, the early developers of jujutsu developed a set of techniques whose goals were not to attack others but rather to safely repel attacks. In light of this, if you’re planning to start training in jujutsu, here are some of the techniques that you can expect to learn.

Chokeholds: Chokeholds are usually thought of as methods for cutting off the windpipe and thus killing the recipient, but skilled jujutsu practitioners can use choke moves to cause unconsciousness only. Of course, this is one of the major jujutsu moves that is banned from competitions, but it’s still a practical part of a jujutsu expert’s repertoire.

Joint locks: At any point on the body where there is a hinge, a joint lock can be applied. For example, joint locks can be used to restrict the recipients wrist, finger, elbow, or knee movement. When a joint lock is successfully applied, the aggressor is restrained and forced to cooperate. In many types of modern competition, a joint lock is one way to win a match.

Throwing: Throwing techniques are difficult to master, but a skilled thrower gains a distinct advantage over his or her opponent. The goal behind advanced throwing techniques is to be able to neutralize an opponent who approaches in a menacing manner. Most throwing techniques have three or four quick moves performed in rapid succession, so that the recipient of the move is thrown before he even knows what’s happening. For example, some moves involve specialized pokes or grasps that stun the recipient, even if only for a second, so that he is caught off guard and can be flipped or thrown to the ground.

Takedown: A takedown is any type of move that brings the opponent to the ground without using throwing techniques. For example, you might sweep the opponents legs out from under him, or you may use special tripping maneuvers to knock him off his feet. Both takedowns and throwing maneuvers seem like they should require strength, but when deployed by a skilled jujutsu practitioner, a very light person can take down a very large man.

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