The Matrix

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The film The Matrix has a very controversial idea about how the film The Matrix can be interpreted, and a very deep subliminal message .In this essay I am going to explain in as much detail as possible. About the film the matrix and how the films messages are portrayed. Explaining complex scenario’s and how they link to the interpretative views of the from film.

The Matrix was released in 1999,The Matrix was directed by the Wachowski brothers Andy and Larry. The film grossed $171.4 million at the US box office. The film comes under two generes they are: action thriller and science fiction. The matrix was not only a film but it is also a comic book and the scenes in the film are exactly like the scenes in the comic book. The Wachowski brothers made a comic book version of the film to pitch it to the studio.

The main characters in the film are Thomas Anderson-Mr Anderson also known as Neo – the one (this is a reference to Jesus i.e. the one to save humanity), Morpheus (The Greek god of dreams), Trinity- (Holy Trinity)

. The film contains many references to religon and literature such as ” through the looking glass” ,”Tales of the apocalypse” also the bible i.e. in the new testament the disciple Thomas refuses to believe Jesus has rose from the grave until he sees the Lord with his own eyes,likewise Thomas Anderson doesn’t believe he is the one but he finally comes to terms with it after a few encounters with Agent Smith and after being on the Nebuchadnezzar. Morpheus is the modern day equivalent to John the Baptist with his faith in Neo he helps guide Neo to the discovery of his matrix-bending abilities.

The actors this films are; Hugo Weaving who plays Mr Smith, Keanu Reeves who plays Neo, Laurence Fishburne who plays Morpheus and Carrie-Anne Moss who plays Trinity. There are many other actors but these are the four main ones.

The Nebuchadnezzar is the aging ship that carries a team that trying to save the world from the machines. The oracle has a fondness for baking cookies and prophesying the future. The actress who played the Oracle is Gloria Foster.In the oracles living room there is a young boy who was bending a Matrix and he saids “There is no spoon…. It is not the spoon that bends it is yourself.”

Yeun woo-ping helped train the actors and designed the choreography for the fight scenes in The Matrix. unplug means disconnect from The Matrix which has close context to through the looking glass in which wen Alice is faced with uncertainty she realises there is a way out. Agent Smith likens the human race not to other mammals but to a virus. The organisms multiply and use up resources until they are forced to move on to destroy something else which has close biblical reference in which the humans were cleansed in the old testament Noah’s arc smith is acting a if he is god and irradicating human existence.

Anderson is an English surname meaning “son of Andrew.” Andrew is derived from he Greek Andreas, which means “man. “Therefore Anderson is etymologically “son of man” an alternative name that Jesus Christ favored. we also see that Armageddon is referred to, a battle between good and evil theres one scence reperents that, and that is where the fight between the man and machine. there is also a character named Chypher a word for zero. possibly a derivate of Lucifer who betrayed god.

Agent Smith wants to get the codes so they can hack in to Zion’s mainframe to discover the rebellion’s secrets, and then burn the last remaining free human city. The only way they can get the codes is from one of the leaders of the ships. so Agent Smith kidnaps Morpheus and tries to hack in to his brain of course he does not and Neo and Trinity comes and saves him. this is very similar to war time when many soldiers were kidnapped and tortured for secrets, this portrays the brutality that a war can create.

Zion a heavenly city, promised by god to the Israelites. A place of peace, harmony and great beauty, located on the top of a hill in Jerusalem. Zion in The Matrix provides quite a contrast in which it is very dark lacking in spirit and under constant threat of an attack. it is however the last safe place on earth Located near the centre of the earth. “where it is still warm.”

There are three Agents: Agent Smith, Agent Brown and Agent Jones. like Morpheus said “inside the Matrix, they are everyone and they are no one.” They move freely within the constraints of the Matrix, and they are mutable nature makes them difficult to pinpoint. Thus, all persons in the Matrix are potential threat. it is this statement that contradicts the biblical references where Neo is seen killing innocent people just incase they are a threat which in contrast to Jesus he allowed a threat to take place and refused to harm others.

(AI) Artificial Intelligence machines capable of thinking and creating beyond what can be programmed into them by humans. Intelligent machines that “think” just like humans do the distinguishing factor between AI and humanity is the physiological makeup; humans are organic and the AI are mechanical. some argue that AI is humanity’s evolutionary destiny. many films use AI to suggest an post modern apocalyptic world in which humans face strife such as terminator.

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