The Mansion

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The door creaked as I opened it. Rays of light shone into the room, revealing the dust as it drifted through the air. There was a musky smell as I breathed in. The room was long and narrow. There was a long thick oak table going through the centre of the room. Plates and Cutlery were laid down as if a large family were about to have a big feast, and yet know body was in the mansion but me. This scared me knowing that because as much as I don’t want to believe it, I was certain there wasn’t anything on the table last night when I broke in.

There must be someone or something else in here with me. I peered around the gloomy room. I noticed a colossal tapestry against the wall of the room. It showed reindeers getting slaughtered in what looked like a basement. A cold shiver ran up my spine as I breathed in. I could hear my heart pump aggressively. I began to get the feeling I didn’t want to be here. I turned around to reach for the doorknob and turned it. The door wouldn’t budge. Something can’t be right, I could have sworn this was the door I came in from. I began to briskly walk forward towards the opposite end of the room.

Shadows refrained me from seeing what was in front. I eagerly looked for a candle. I came across a lantern. As I lit it, the light reflected off the huge walls and revealed a door in front of me. The door was small and was carpeted in red. It looked like there was an important room behind it. I opened the door and slowly walked in intriguingly. My bottom jaw dropped as looked gruesomely at what was around me. Every inch of the walls was covered with heads mounted on plaques. Their faces were dull and grey as if they’ve been there a long time.

The floor below them was covered with hairs that have died and dropped from their heads onto the floor. There was ailing in my stomach, as I felt extremely sick. I closed my eyes and thought to myself for a second as to what I’m going to do. I had to get out of here. As I looked up, I saw a blank plaque with a description below it. There was a date showing the 21st October. I stopped breathing in horror. This was today’s date! I stumbled backwards in a panic. Suddenly I tripped over something hard and rigid on the floor.

When I got up, it was what looked like a handle to a basement. Abruptly, thoughts rushed through my head, images of that tapestry in the other room. I tried to scream but nothing came out. To my horror, there were disturbing noises coming from the door behind me. I heard things being pelted across the room as hollers and cries echoed through the walls. My eyes opened fully in disbelief as I saw the door shaking. There was a cringing noise coming from the other side of it as if there was someone was trying to scratch the door open.

As much as I didn’t want to go through to the basement, I had to. I drastically tried to open the door on the floor. All the screeches were making my hands shake so much it was almost impossible to latch onto the handle. When I got a firm grip, I gave a pull. Suddenly the screws to the hinges flew in the air as I ripped the handle off. There was no chance for me now. I stood up and faced what was coming to me. I felt really cold. It was like the presence of evil was all around me. The door in front of me bashed open and huge beams of light shone in my eyes.

Suddenly everything went quiet. You could almost her a pin drop. There was a tall dark figure in front of me. A faint figure reached out for me. It looked like a hand. It prodded me on my right shoulder. “David, You Have another detention for daydreaming in my English lesson. What would your parents think when they find out you’ve been daydreaming again? ” I looked up with my eyes half open and wiped the puddle of dribble I left on the desk. I sat up, got my books out and hid myself in embarrassment.

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