The manager of the DMS

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It costs them the time of six Saturdays a year. The trainer said that the organisation paid for it but it cost i?? 700 a year for two years The staff in the college teach but particularly Jane Smith the course which costs them time because they have to organise the course and costs time on the weekend because they have to come in to teach for six Saturdays in the year. The manager of the DMS course is Jane smith and she trains people on the courses at is the manager of the course it costs her time and the college pays her salary

Benefits Learn how to deal with staff Some HR policies it teaches them how to give constructive feedback to staff and how to motivate them. The learners can gain experience and qualifications to get other jobs. It gives a level 7 post graduate diploma in management. They get to meet new people that are managers and it gives them experience teaching on the course. The college gain more money and a better image as they provide more course for people both externally and internally and they can train staff in the college.

Problems It is time consuming as there is a lot of course work. From one of the trainees view they said it was not interesting Jane Smith said that she would like to change the way the course was ran and give them more time because they come in for six Saturdays a year and have only 10 hours for tutorials. The pass rate in the college is not very high it is about 30% and is very difficult the retention rate is 50% not all passes. Goals To be a good manager with a formal qualification For people to pass the course

For people to pass the course to gain qualification and for the college to have a good pass rate. There are also many strengths and weaknesses of the course the weaknesses is that there is a very low pass rate at the college which means that this would not attract people to enrol on the course. Strength is that the people who do pass gain more understating and a better qualification so this could further there career as they can gain a better salary or better job and there improve their overall social life also. Weakness may include things such.

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