The Management Group

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The Management Group must make a decision on whether they have to invest in the videoconferencing technology. The Communications Director must then report the possible benefits of videoconferencing to their organization and persuade the Board of Directors and other executives to adopt the idea. The target audience for this report is primarily, the Board of Directors and organizational executives. Students in relation to the topic at hand may also be considered as a target audience. More or less, the readers already have the knowledge of what videoconferencing means, how it works and why it has been created.

The readers might also know certain videoconferencing technologies. There are at least five (5) issues in relation to the topic to be discussed. First is what particular benefits does videoconferencing can give to a certain organization? Second, the possible benefits of the technology for a particular person or employee. Third, the costs and disadvantages of videoconferencing as a whole. Forth, what impact could the technology give to a company? Is it more beneficial than costly or vice versa? Last, what videoconferencing technology is suitable for the organization?

Since the report is for a board meeting and is corporate in nature, it is only appropriate to use an analytic approach in writing this report. The basic concern of most executives is whether it is important for business growth of the firm and themselves. They are more interested on the basic information like how it works and how can it be use for their benefit, than on its more technical aspects. The report should be written in a direct pattern. Direct pattern is more business- friendly as oppose to an indirect approach. In this case, the Management Group only needs to know the benefits and costs that videoconferencing could give them.

Writing in a memo format is mostly used in communicating within a firm. As the Communications Director of the company, communicating with the bosses and their associates, and other colleagues, it is better to use the memo format than using the other two. Also most companies also uses memo format for short reports (i. e. , two pages or less. ) Formal writing will be used for this report. Since, as earlier discussed, business meetings, especially board and executive meetings are formal in nature, it is only fitting to use such than the other.

This report will rely on secondary data to be completed. Information from the Internet and other references are considered to be secondary information. The report will be based on the resourced mentioned. a. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. (2007, December).

Videoconferencing, from Knowledge Network Explorer. (2006, December). Videoconferencng: Introduction, form http://wwww. kn. pacbell. com/wired/vidconf/intro. html c. Articlebase, http://www. articlesbase. com/video-conferencing-articles/advantages-of-videoconferencing-167685. html

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