The Major Characteristics of a Successful Entrepreneur

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According to the article entitled “Successful Entrepreneurs” by Judith L. Glick-Smith, there are twelve major characteristics that a person should posses for him to become a successful business enthusiast. The said twelve characters are outlined as follows: (a) Good health; business entrepreneurs are expected to perform different tasks everyday and thus face pressure and tension every now and then. A sickly entrepreneur would surely loose much profit in a day if he does not give importance to his physical and mental health stability.

(b) A Need to Control and Direct; successful entrepreneurs are supposed to face responsibilities of dealing with event organizing and people management. Hence, directing should be a part of their primary skill. (c) Self-confidence; a person who aims to gain control over the situation should gain personal confidence in his capabilities to perform his expected duties. (d)Sense of Urgency; this is important especially in meeting business deadlines. Dealing with clients require an individual to be deeply involved with up to date attendance to their needs which in turn also requires a sense of urgency.

(e)Comprehensive Awareness; this particularly refers to the ability of the individual to understand every situation that befalls the organization thus giving them a chance to resolve the issues in a much efficient way. (f)Realistic Outlook; one must be able to see the situation basing from reality. Being too much perfectionist or idealistic of the occurrences of the situation may only bring collapse to the organization. (g)Conceptual Ability; Chaos is a major part of any business organization.

The capability of the entrepreneurs to understand the situation or conflicts in a much improved manner should then result to an easier way of resolving the differences of each individual making up the organization. (h)Low Need for Status; it is important that entrepreneurs realize that true success is not gained through the possession of material belongings but through the gaining of fine reputation and achieving success in terms of business clients’ satisfaction of the quality of service that they receive from the organization.

(i)Objective Approach; everything in the organization should occur in fairness and objectivity. Once a person is given the chance to achieve best results for the company, the entrepreneur should realize acknowledging this particular achievement. (j)Emotional Stability; personal issues should be out of the business relationship. True successful entrepreneurs see their employees as the primary source of success for the organization, hence, emotional feelings should be controlled in dealing with them.

Nothing should be taken personal, everything should occur in the name of the goals of the business organization. (k)Attraction to Challenges; an entrepreneur should see challenges as primary doors of opportunity. (l) Describing with Numbers; this particular aspect concerns the ability of the entrepreneur to understand financial issues of the organization. (February 26, 2006, Internet) Carrying these twelve characteristics in consideration, it should be certain that a person aiming to become a successful entrepreneur is sure to attain future success in the business industries.

Conclusion From this evaluative approach of understanding the primary characteristics and factors of success contributing to the achievements that an entrepreneur could gain from establishing a business, it could be noticed that the said act towards progress requires much concentration and efforts. Once an individual decides to enter the field of business industries, it should be clear to him that there are major challenges that need to be met.

Certainly, it does not only require a person to have the dream, but it also requires determination and resources for one to be able to establish a strong business organization. Although a person may not have the ample skills of becoming a fine entrepreneur at first, it should be remembered that everything in the society could be learned. With patience and through application of the right guidelines towards progress, an individual could indeed become a successful entrepreneur.


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