The main focuses of the promotional methods of Lynx Pulse deodorant

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The promotional methods used by Lynx Pulse was that advertising used a photo call aimed at creating a television commercial, which became a national success due to using the catchy song by Oliver Cheatam ft room 5, Make Luv that stayed at number one for three weeks.

The use of the song was highly significant to the increase in sales as people distinguished the song with the product. The commercial itself involved an average looking guy being adored and seduced by two very attractive women. This sends the image of the product being able to get you model girlfriends even if you aren’t that god looking. It was supported by models and costumed performers. The next month saw a carnival procession down streets, which was popular with young men due to the location of clubs and bars. Flyers were distributed outlining where and when Lynx events along with T-shirts.

The procession was repeated through the college campuses at UCD, DCU, UCC and Galway University. Other theme events were staged and there was in-store activity during April and May. The campaign resulted in a 12 per cent increase in body spray net product sales.

Lynx launched its latest fragrance, Pulse supported by methods like TV, radio, outdoor, and a text messaging sales promotion with Sony Playstation 2 as prizes.

Lynx are launching Longer Lasting Formula, which contains lasting effectiveness against body odour. The new formula comes in a sleek new can with improved directional control and unique spray system. The brand will be supported by a summer long sales promotion where consumers can win the chance to see top dance music artists perform in Ibiza.

A campaign by Direction Marketing for Lynx Pulse deodorant, which was aimed at increasing sales and improved market share, creating maximum hype and awareness for the brand while building from above the line activity won the national grand prix for excellence at the Sales Promotion Awards 2003 organised by the Sales Promotion Consultants.

Lynx Pulse qualified for the grand prix by taking gold in the health and beauty aids category. The Lynx campaign was run following a year in which the brand recorded a share increase of 1.6 per cent. The brand range dominated the deodorant market with a dominant 50 per cent share in the body spray sector.

Lynx Pulse aims and reasons for the promotion was to increase net product sales by six per cent, while growing share and maintaining market leadership. Due to the constraints of promotional support in-store, along with the aim of targeting the core consumer, as opposed to the actual purchaser, it was decided to take to the streets and into pubs and clubs.

There was an increase of 29 per cent for the brand’s shower gel. Lynx reached a record bi-monthly market share high of 60.8 per cent. In addition, 6,000 core consumers won Lynx prizes, 3,000 attended the events and the campaign created massive hype and awareness for the brand.

Commenting on the grand prix winner, judge Graham Atha of the Edinburgh-based The Borough loch Group, said Lynx Pulse took a health and beauty product and developed an integrated campaign with a genuine sense of excitement not normal in the category, strong design and attention to detail.

Lynx decision to reposition its Lynx brand as a male grooming range rather than just a deodorant has several advantages for the company. Firstly, it enables Lynx to target the whole of the male grooming regime, not just deodorants and not just toiletry products but also the service area. The brand has also been used to market a chain of modern barbershops. Secondly, it allows Lynx to look for sources of higher profit. This comes at a time when the company is experiencing pressure on its margins in the traditional retail business. The development of added-value services is one way in which this can be addressed.

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