The Main Differences Between Professional And Amateur Boxing

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Boxing bouts were primarily motivated by money from 17th century to 19th century. This was primarily because the fighters who were involved in boxing were competing with the prime objective of bagging prizes and there were several promoters involved in the boxing championships. Additionally, the spectators were involved in betting for the different results of the game. In 1908, boxing became a privileged sport and it was well recognized in the Olympic Games. At this point in time, the interest in amateur sports was primarily revived because of the Olympic game movement of the modern times.

In the present times, amateur boxing and Olympic boxing are limited to three to four rounds. In these games, the scores are generally calculated on the basis of the total points of each fighter. The points for each fighter are determined by several factors such as the total number of clean blows which are generally considered regardless of the impact of these blows.

As a part of amateur boxing, the fighters generally wear protective headgear. Thus, they can possibly reduce the number of knockouts, injuries and knockdowns. In amateur boxing, the judges on the ringside are chiefly responsible for scoring the different types of blows. Recently, new system of scoring has been also introduced by the Australian Institute for Sports. This scoring system is termed as the Automated Boxing Scoring System. This system of scoring has been able to introduce objectivity in the system of scoring and it also has been able to improve safety. Thus, it has definitely contributed towards making this sport definitely more interesting to the spectators.

Professional Boxing is the other form of boxing which has been known as one of the most popular forms of boxing worldwide. An amateur career at Olympics can become a foundation or a preparation ground to develop boxing as a professional career for a sportsperson. There are different venues that are sanctioned by amateur boxing associations and therefore amateur boxing is generally known to be found at these venues. They are found at Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, and at the level of the colleges, among others.

There is a point scoring system involved in amateur boxing. According to the point scoring system, the numbers of clean blows landed are counted and physical damage is not really given importance. The bouts in amateur boxing generally comprise three rounds of three minutes each like in the case of Commonwealth Games and Olympic Games. However, in case of an Amateur Boxing Association bout held at the national level, there may be two to three rounds of two minutes each. There is generally a period of minute between these rounds.

The use of protective gloves as well as protective headgear is ensured even in case of amateur boxing. The gloves are generally presented with a white strip across the knuckle. The fight is monitored and controlled by a referee who tries to make sure that the competitors make use of only the legal blows.
There are professional bouts involved as part of the professional boxing which are generally longer in duration in comparison to the bouts in amateur boxing. There are close to ten to twelve rounds in professional boxing. The use of headgear is generally not permitted in case of professional bouts and in this the boxers are allowed to take a greater level of punishment before a fight is finally halted.

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