The Judges House

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I have chosen “The Judges House” as my main story for the essay. I will analyze this story and select four key features within the story with an explanation. And back up two of these features with my other two chosen stories; “The Red Room” and “The Signalman”. The Judges House creates a sense of mystery and suspense by using foreshadowing throughout the story.

‘The very rope which the hangman used for all the victims of the Judge’s judicial rancour! ‘ Here Dr. Thornhill is revealing to Malcomson that the rope which hangs from the bell above the Judge’s house is the very same rope that he used to execute his condemned victims. This can suggest the reader what’s going to happen later on in the story, therefore foreshadowing. This method is very useful to create a sense of suspense within the story. It makes the reader wonder and think about the character therefore involving him more into the story. Hence foreshadowing was a popular method used in pre-1914 novels. Read The Boarding House questions and answers

Consequently we can also see that foreshadowing is also used in the “The Signalman” and “The Red Room”. In this quote the narrator asked the signalman if something was wrong with him, this is what the signalman says: ‘I am troubled, sir, I am troubled’ from “The Signalman” In this quote the narrator has asked the man with the withered arm if he would show him the way to his room, this is what the man and the old woman said: ‘But if you go to the red room tonight – (‘This night of all nights’ said the old woman) You go alone’ From “The Red Room”

On the first quote the signalman is telling the narrator that he is troubled. This shows that foreshadowing was also a method to create suspense during the story. Given that the signalman says this during the first part of the story, it creates a sense of mystery on what the trouble is further on in the story. We can also see that the writer doesn’t just use foreshadowing in this quote but that he also uses repetition. The way the signalman quotes how troubled he is can have a big difference on the impression in the narrator as well as on the reader.

For that reason repetition is a good feature to use in this case. It makes the signalman seem insecure about himself. Repeating the fact that he is troubled gives a reader a sense that he is talking to himself. He tells the narrator that he is troubled before he says it again to himself, as if he just realised that he is actually troubled. On the other hand although the quote from “The Red Room” also uses foreshadowing it doesn’t seem to use repetition like the one I’ve just talked about.

This quote gives a great sense of mystery given that the man with the withered arm doesn’t just not answer to the narrator’s request the first time he asked. But when he does, he highlights that especially that night something is going to happen, therefore if wants to go, he must go alone. The old woman also approves that night is special amongst the others. Therefore adding more suspense to the story. This is clear evidence that foreshadowing is used in this quote, because it hints that something mysterious is going to happen later on in the story.

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