The Importance of Customer Service

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Training programmes – They use this because this makes colleagues earn their position in the business, it shows that the colleagues are dedicated to the business, buy attending training programmes and achieving them, which allows them to progress even higher, shows that they want to achieve themselves as well as helping the business at the same time. By using the method of letting colleagues work their way up, it also allows colleagues to learn new and more skills. This will make them multi- skilled so that they can perform a variety of tasks and it allows the business to use the workers flexibly.

Also by making a colleague multi-skilled it saves money and time for the business, because instead of wasting time in recruiting someone for the skills required they can just teach those skills to the colleagues that are already working for them. The business will have to pay extra wages if they recruit new colleagues, they will pay less if they teach those skills to the staff already working, all they will need to do is increase the pay of that colleague. The business will need to pay for training the colleague, which is an ideal risk to take if the business believes that the colleague will be successful in the training, because it will increase the output of the business.

The Importance of Customer Service Richer Sounds believe that their profits aren’t the most important measure of their success. They believe the most important measure of their success is to provide great customer service and satisfaction. This is because any organisation can increase their profits by increasing the prices of their goods; they can buy cheaper low quality goods and can cut down on the number of employees at work. Richer Sounds believe that this will reduce the quality of customer service that is provided by the business, due to fewer employees and high priced goods. Customers won’t buy expensive goods which are poor quality; and through this the business will lose customers and keep on losing them. Customers will go else where to buy goods and services from and the business’s reputation will be really bad.

The company believes that once a customer purchases a product from the business and thinks that it was at a low price and also sees that it is at good quality, with excellent service provided when they bought the goods. The customer will tend to come back to purchase more goods and also the customers may tell their friends and families about the prices and quality of goods and service that Richer Sounds provide, this will benefit the company, because they will be getting continuous new customers, that is if the customers are fully satisfied with the quality of goods and services.

How Richer Sounds aim to provide great customer service Richer Sounds will strive to achieve great customer service. They will do this through; Management commitment – This means that every director and manager states that great customer service is most essential to the business. The business is also willing to spend money to improve the excellence of their customer service. Richer Sounds aim is to provide such service, which they call ‘legendary’ customer service, so that their customers will be talking about them for years to come.

Recruiting and Training the right people – During interviews colleagues are looked at their personalities and attitude, more than how many qualifications they have or how much experience they have. This is because they want their colleagues to be loyal and respectful to the business and its customers. To achieve this all colleagues that are employed by Richer Sounds are given a 3 day induction course which also concentrates in training the new colleagues on how to give excellent customer service.

Motivated Colleagues – If all colleagues are treated well and valued, then they will give great customer service to the customers, because this shows that the company values them. This is why the colleague support function of Richer Sounds is so critical. Measuring the results – The best way to get the right results is to ask the customers themselves. Richer Sounds does this through its sales questionnaires. Richer Sounds also operate a mystery shopper scheme, in which they look at how well the colleagues manage their customers and how greatly they give customer service. They also continuously monitor their internal telephone call systems, which are recorded to check the level of customer service that the colleagues provide, by answering to customer problems and queries.

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