The impact of ICT on the way we socialise and interact with each other

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For example, social network is one of the most obvious impacts in the world. Facebook could be the best example to talk about. Nowadays, people tend to not to socialise with their friends face-to-face or meet in an actual meeting. They would rather ‘facebook’ them, or just simply send them a message, they do not even voice call them. Facebook makes people staring at the computer for hours and not socialising in an ordinary way, especially teenagers. Worse could be, students appear to not to study because they are addicted into Facebook.

To my own opinion, Facebook affects the most in the world. According to the Facebook statistics and facts for 2011, there are 5,000,000,000 active users on Facebook, approximately 1 in 13 people in the world; half of them logged in on any given day of 2011. For the socialising side, 10,208,000 comments were made and 2,760,000 messages were sent over last year of 2011. We can see how huge the figures are. This is higher than we expected.

According to an U. S. research, 75% of the U. S. itizens have a Facebook account. This is globally affecting people’s social life. According to the researchers, 48% of the young Americans read news on Facebook rather than on any official newspaper website or even on the paper. Some people think that, social network is their life; they cannot live without social network. Thinking of why Facebook is affecting a whole range of age group, it is because Facebook has developed a variety range of area for different age of people to enjoy Facebook.

If you have a closer look of Facebook, it generally has everything. It has general socialise stuff for teenagers, applications for people who interested in something like Horoscope, group, event, fan page for business people who can promote themselves on a popular website like Facebook, and Games which is the second biggest thing on Facebook(to me), most of the children or young teenagers get on to Facebook to play games. I realised this in my hometown, by hearing children chatting, saying ‘’the ‘abc’ game on Facebook is awesome! ’. If there was no social network, people or teenagers would probably more ‘active’ in real life than they are now.

They would probably meet each other face-to-face; go around their house to talk to them, instead of ‘facebooking’ them. I can see how affective it is right now to the world as some of the students’ effort grades went down because of internet(too much time on Facebook). These are the drawbacks of socialise on the internet. On the other hand, there are some good points of having ICT or social network in the world too.

Facebook, Hotmail, MSN, Skype…etc. they are always a good example again. You can always reconnect your old friends, old classmates from years ago, no matter where they are, how far they are in the world, as Facebook’s mission statement says so. Facebook did make a new evolution of bringing people closer in the world on a social network. Some other social websites or applications like Hotmail, Skype or MSN did as well, but Facebook affected the most in general.

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