The History Of The Different Types Of Horse Racing

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There are different forms of horse racing and different forms have been known to be popular in selected parts of the world.

One of the most popular forms of racing that has been seen in the world is the Thoroughbred racing. While one of the forms of horse racing that has been seen popularity in Australia is harness racing. One of the forms of horse racing that is recognized as the most popular in western United States is Quarter horse racing. In most states of United States, Arabian horses that are purebred are generally seen. This is also true for Middle East and United States. The other name that has also been given to this form is Endurance Racing.

The characteristics of the different types of racing lie in the different breeds of horses that are involved. The different breeds of horses possess various muscle structures and this presence of such muscle structures makes the various breeds of horses suitable for all types of horse races.

There are different surfaces on which the different horses race. These surfaces can include synthetic surface or dirt. The examples of synthetic surface that may be involved in the formation of the race track are polytrack or viscoride.

In several countries, racing, training and breeding of the different horses had been recognized as one of the most significant economic activities. Another industry that is largely dependent on the horse racing industry is the gambling industry. The amount of time that is invested in order to train the different horses for racing is generally extensive in nature. However, this training largely depends upon the type of race for which the training is to be supported. It is possible to earn millions when it comes to exceptional horses in the industry. These horses can further be a great contribution in earning a lot of money as they can provide for different stud services which is possible through the process of horse breeding.

The industry of horse racing is quite old in United States and North America. The first ever race course that was first established in United States was called Newmarket. The colonial governor of New York himself supervised this race course. The racetrack that was the first one to be constructed in the year 1665 was situated on Long Island. There was a book that was initiated in the year 1868. This book was known by the name of the American Stud Book. This book contributed in the manner on how organized horse racing could be initiated. The well defined and organized Jockey Club called the American Jockey Club came into existence in the year 1894. In 1904, the system of parimutuel betting was first introduced in United States. This definitely led to giving a very significant push to the horse racing industry.

The first race in the category of Endurance racing was started in the year 1955 and this was in California. The first ever competition cup that marked this type of racing was Tevis Cup. The distance of this race was approximately 100 miles. In 1972, the first endurance riding association came into existence. The launch of the first ever Quarter Horse race was in the year 1674. The first ever records of this type of race are seen to be associated with the Henrico County, Virginia.

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