The History of Karate

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The History of Karate is a long and roundabout path of extension across the overseas from Okinawa to Japan. In the recent times many people are practicing karate in traditional and stylish way, as they feel immense satisfaction in practicing karate and it has connection to the past decades which they gather during the training process. The entire process of training makes a person understand the tradition that carries the values of ancient time, and the training process is still vital and useful for most of the people. As the days are passing martial arts is undergoing many changes in it. So, most of the trainers; what they are doing is that they are adopting some new steps and branching them off and making changes in it, and offer these new steps to the people in the form of new karate steps. Therefore whatever lessons you get from your trainer in directly or indirectly connected to the game which is known as “Chinese Whispers”.

The History of Karate is linked with numerous stories that can’t be overlooked. In the early days when karate was first started it required mapping the whole history of the martial arts in the Eastern region. The birth place of karate is the Okinawa Island which is situated 550 km south of the Japan. Japan is considered as the birth place of karate styles. Nowadays you will notice that more than 120 countries are practicing karate and taking many new forms in karate. Among these forms the most popular form you will notice in Japan after World War II, they are well-known examples like Mas Oyama’s Kyokushin and Choiro Tani’s Shukokai. There are also many schools in Okinawa where they provide training in karate. Some of the famous schools are Shorin-Ryu, Goju-Ryu, Uechi-Ryu and Matsubayashi-Ryu. In the year 1930 the demos of karate were also launched outside Japan to gain popularity. It was the post war period when karate just arrived in the western countries like Australia, and also in European countries. Japan Karate Association first laid their foundation in the year 1948, and they really assisted much to spread karate across the globe.

In the 20th century many new steps and styles have been launched by Japan that gained immense popularity. Later in most of the schools of Okinawa karate was added as physical education programs and it was declared as one of the subjects. Moreover, to make the training session easier for the children they had made many changes in it, and also started offering public demos, and it is said this contributed to the loss of some knowledge concerning some applications like kata bunkai. Later in the year 1830–1915 the development of karate was pioneered by the famous Master Anko Itosu and also by his students. One of his students named Funakoshi had impressed the Japan’s Crown Prince with his karate demos that was in the early 20s.

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