The Gripping Styles In Table Tennis

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There are several different styles that are used by the different players participating in the sport of table tennis. The players who participate in the competitions of table tennis make use of special styles in their game.

One of the styles in this game is related to the grip of the player. The way in which the players will maintain a grip on their rackets will have a significant impact on their game. There are two different styles in which a player may be ensuring a grip on his racket. These styles are shakehand style and the penhold style. There is no official way prescribed in which a player should actually ensure his grip. It is for this reason that there are several different ways in which the players will use the different styles of grip in the game.

One of the styles of gripping is Penhold. The style has been named so as the player may hold the racket in the similar manner as he holds an instrument meant for writing. The players may be exhibiting the same penhold style of grip but their game may still vary to a great extent from each other. The most common penhold style of grip is the one having the Chinese origin. In this particular style of grip, the player generally places three of his fingers at the rear side of the blade. He actually does this by curling his fingers in a typical manner. Some of the players may have a tendency of keeping their fingers completely straight while others may maintain the fingers in a clenched manner.

There is another penhold style which has a Japanese origin. In this style, the player ensures to play the three fingers on the rear side of the racket. In this case, the player ensures that a touch is maintained between all the three fingers and the racket. Some of the players may prefer to use a gripping style that is actually a combination of both Chinese and Japanese styles.

In the earlier times, the players were generally making use of only a single side of the racket for hitting purposes. Thus, in the penhold side, the side that would be in contact with the fingers would generally not be used by most of the traditional players. This is termed as reverse penhold backhand style of gripping the racket.
Another common type of the gripping style is the shakehand style. The term has been used because some of the players ensure a grip on their racket in a similar manner as they would actually accomplish a handshake.

Other names have also been used to describe this type of gripping style. These terms are ‘western grip’ or ‘tennis grip’. The players belonging to the South Asian nations or the European nations have been most commonly seen to adopt this gripping style. There is a great amount of versatility associated with this gripping style in comparison to the penhold style and that is why it is preferred by many players. Additionally, it is also preferred as this style of gripping is also extremely simple to use.

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