The green team

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Green teams are basically made up of groups of people who have volunteered to help manage and identify problems in the environment and business organizations. Once the problems are identified they make specific improvements to help the different business organizations to operate in a more sustainable and efficient environmentally fashion. As the green team grows it will start looking for government agencies, business organizations and different business chains ( such as H&M etc) to implement methods that are more environmentally friendly and are not abusing the environment. Hence the company’s efforts are recognized by a larger civic and business community.

The effectiveness of a green team depends mainly on the company’s Management style Number of employees Geographical presence Green Teams have different levels. Some teams are small and are not correctly managed or organized and focus on improvements that they can make in different areas such as recycling, energy management or use of office supplies that are reusable and create less waste.

Some of the environmental footprints are Water/energy conservation  Reusable/renewable energy Recycling Green purchasing Other teams are large and more formally organized and may have large goals and objectives such as reducing and tracking the company’s carbon footprint.To start a Green Team, you will need to assign positions for each of the members who join the team. For that i have laid out a description for 12 staff members of a Green team that is essential for it to be successful and expand.

Manager of Finance ; Recruitment His job’s purpose when it comes to the finance department is to be responsible for all the Green teams finances and budgeting and statistical analysis. His job’s purpose when it comes to the recruitment department is to assist the director in planning, developing, implementing and managing recruitment policies, procedures and strategies Accountant An accountant must often calculate, input and verify the given data carefully on a regular basis. He must oversee all these basic functions in addition to maintaining all financial records. This position may require a great deal of time and effort which is spent on researching and reviewing the work of others.

Assistant Accountant An assistant accountant’s job may consist of handling duties from basic administrative tasks such as filling or organizing data, to running reports. They take on more responsibilities as they gain more experience. His Daily activities generally include ledger maintenance, and the preparation of basic financial reports. Recruitment Team Leader Some of the responsibilities of a Recruitment Team Leader are to coordinate activities of the recruitment team members, ensure all staffs are trained on specific requirements for phone screening, place recruitment ads, track responses to ads and set up recruitment plans within budget and to maintain and develop the recruitment database.

Junior/Assistant Recruiter

His job is to help the team leader in every way possible that is known to him. His job includes in-depth web-based research, sourcing, screening, evaluating and interviewing candidates and attending conferences and events in the emerging media space. His job mainly includes sorting, distributing incoming mail, delivering oral or written messages, collecting and distributing paperwork such as records or time cards, files, articles from one department to another. He may deliver items to other business departments or organizations. May specialize in delivering mail, messages, documents and packages between the different departments.

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